Inheritance – Sharon Moalem – genes and how we can change them.

inheritance - sharon moalem

‘It’s in his genes’  

‘I’m probably going to get cancer/diabetes/add your own illness as it runs in my family’

These common phrases would make you think that our genetic make up is fixed at conception and we’re stuck with it right? Well Dr Sharon Moalem has discovered differently and his new book opens [...]

Half Bad by Sally Green #review

Half Bad cover

‘Wanted by no one, hunted by everyone’ really captured my interest and from those words i just couldn’t wait to start reading it!

Half Bad is the story of Nathan, a boy who grows up in a world where witches are real, and he is one. In a race against time before he turns 17. [...]

Cricut Mini cutting machine #review

cricut projects


If you like to craft on your own or with the children then the Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine opens up an entirely new area for you. From making your own cards and tags to personalise gifts through to embellishing t shirts, mugs and bags, even crafting decor for your home.

It’s really [...]

Flower hair wreath or Easter Bonnet

flower hair wreath

I’ve been dreading the Spring for one reason only – it’s Easter bonnet making time and I didn’t have any ideas whatsoever on what to do for 2014.

Then watching and playing with the girls I noticed how much they still love fairies and princesses. A truly magical moment that I don’t want [...]

Turbo – make your dreams come true #TurboFastFun


I was delighted to be asked to be a Twentieth Century Fox Ambassador recently as there’s nothing we like more than sitting down to watch a good film, I imagine a lot of you are with me on this one?

Our first film was to be watched on an Apple TV which they [...]

My ordinary moments 2013 captured in Instagram

I joined Instagram in February 2012 and I love it, I am sure that by taking more photos and looking at other people’s work it has encouraged me to see life around me differently and capture that moment on my phone in the best way possible.

Find the marisworldblog Instagram profile here to see [...]

Memory Jar – a year in a jar

memory jar 2014

I started 2013 knowing it was going to be a year filled with joy and laughter, there was to be a wedding, our wedding, holidays at Butlins, in France and a trip to Guernsey. I also knew that the tiny things in life are also special and one day I came [...]

Silent Sunday

elf on the shelf

Fingerprint fairy lights: homemade Christmas cards

fingerprint fairy lights homemade christmas cards

In the blogging world you are surrounded by masses of very creative people, all of whom have some excellent ideas and often you will find me sharing their ideas as I genuinely am amazed at what they come up with.

You know that I am not on their level but I do enjoy [...]

Silent Sunday

Royal Family competition SS