Our wedding on DVD – no groaning it’s fantastic

Oliver Kiell at work - Focus 1 Media

Why don’t you come round for dinner one Saturday and we can all watch our wedding DVD together?

Does a statement like that make your heart sink and your smile go all weird to whoever’s just asked? “Yeah, that’d be lovely.’ You lie through your false grin.

Who in their right mind wants to [...]

Jay Mountford – the wedding photographer

wedding preparation shot

I was banging on for ages on the run up to our wedding in March just how excited I was that Jay Mountford would be capturing the moments of our wedding and now it’s time for me to tell you what it’s really like having her there whilst you prepare for the biggest [...]

Bag of Happiness – wedding favour

Bag of Happiness JM

I have received many favours at weddings especially in Italy where the bride takes a lot of time and effort to give her guests something special and personal to say thank you.

When Paul and I decided to get married the wedding favour was high on my list of things to do and [...]

Our wedding day – the most perfect day EVER

first dance

9th March was the day we chose to tie the knot and seal our love; I’ve been talking about it for months now and now it’s all over I can share with you my decisions and my how-to’s too and some wise words from The Boy and Me a week before above

But [...]

Silent Sunday

Jay Mountford - wedding photographer

Do you take this man?

Dear Paul,

Today, after more than 8 years together, we’re going to tie the knot and get married. Possibly the most important day of our lives apart from the birth of our beautiful twins who have brought us so much joy since their arrival.

I won’t have a speech today, that’s left to the [...]


Mirror bridfal suite little hermitage

On Saturday I start the day with the surname my father gave me at birth. Whooley. Pronounced who? – lee

I love it and loath it all in one breath. Love it because it’s dad, it’s me, it’s my family.

I love it because it’s Irish, like my paternal grandparents who immigrated from Skibberean [...]

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

sixpence in your shoe

…and a silver sixpence in your shoe.

Did you know about that last bit of the rhyme? I didn’t. I saw it online when I was searching and guessed someone had just added it there but when I posted a photo of my something blue charm on Facebook the lovely Glenys came back and [...]

To film a wedding or not? Wedding Videographer

Now there’s an interesting thought and one Paul and I had initially discarded as we just wanted to get married, no frills – no wedding videographer. We weren’t even going to have a photographer and you all know whatJay Mountford thought of that!

Should you have your wedding filmed?

It wasn’t until an email [...]

Little Hermitage – Wedding venue, North Kent

Little Hermitage - Ivory room

Now all the invites are out and the acceptances back (barring the last few who we are chivvying up “Come on man! It’s not difficult Yes or No.’ why it is so difficult for some people to reply to an invite, I will never know.

Anyway rant over, all the best people have put [...]