Spotlight on #MumoftheYear winner Ranu Mehta Radia

Ranu MOTY winner


A while back I was asked to be one of the #MumoftheYear bloggers by Tesco and at the end of March I will be going to a very glamorous event at the Savoy in London to watch the awards ceremony and report back to you what it was like.

In previous posts [...]

#TeamNigella – Don’t kick a dog when it’s down

Nigella Kitchen book

It will never cease to amaze me how spiteful people can be. Especially when it comes to couples separating.

I’ve been watching the Nigella Lawson saga and rooting for that woman ever since I saw photos of her sad face and her husband’s hands around her throat back in the summer.

‘Leave him!’ I [...]

Is it the end of the Page 3 girls?

no more page three

Since November 1970 the Sun has printed a photo of a topless woman every day. The first photo was of a provocatively unbuttoned shirt and as the years passed so the clothes slipped away and evolved into the images of today with clearly visible nipples.

In 1986, Clare Short tried to introduce a House [...]

I salute you Baroness Margaret Thatcher

margaret Thatcher

Courtesy of Google image

Today I learned that Baroness Margaret Thatcher is no longer with us and I was sad.

Margaret Thatcher won my very first vote at the tender age of 18 years old, I was excited to vote, totally unprepared for it and relied mainly on listening to my family and [...]

The Olympic Torch in Gravesend!

Olympic Torch Bearer Fiona May

Friday 20th July 2012, yesterday, was the first day of summer holidays for us, no alarm, no waking tired girls up and coaxing them to eat, brush their teeth, dress and get to preschool, nope that’s all over after our fabulous leavers concert on Thursday.

So it should have been a lazy morning but [...]

Back to work – what’s your curriculum vitae looking like?

Numbers of unemployment in the UK now stand at 2.51 million the recent rise in the three months to July this year being the largest increase in the last two years. In fact the BBC graph shows figures haven’t been so high since 1994.

Youth unemployment rose from 78,000 to 973,000, the total [...]

The Death Penalty. Could you?

I was pleased when watching the news I heard the failed suicide bomber from the Mumbai bombing case was being sentenced to death and my reaction shocked me. I heard myself say ‘Good’ but Death is so final, is it right to wish someone dead?

The man in question had caused many deaths and untold [...]

All electioned out!

Bring on tomorrow 11 pm as I cannot take anymore of this election drivel.

One thing for sure is I’d like Gordon Brown out as although he may be a very nice man with a lovely wife and family, he doesn’t do politics for me. Which of course leads to the next important question…Then [...]

John Terry, captain no longer

So John lost his captaincy of the England football team as many had predicted and I can’t say I feel very sorry for him.

I have a very high opinion of Fabio Capello who apart from being a devout Catholic also is a family man and understands the importance of the father’s role in the [...]

Devil brothers are locked away

I can’t ignore this atrocityand write about something trivial going on in my life. The message here is far too important to be sidestepped.

Two young lads who haven’t even reached their teens are to be locked away for torturing, sexually abusing and almost killing another two similar aged children.

5 years they got and yet [...]