Guest room makeover and photography on canvas

guest room makeover

We have finally completed our guest room makeover!

The last bit that needed doing was rubbing down the window sill and re painting it white with two coats, that took 4 months to get round to doing, absurd isn’t it? There is always something happening that takes over my plans and jobs like [...]

DIY decisions and choices – hallways and corridors

decorating hall

We’ve stripped all the wallpaper in the hall way and this makes me so happy, I’ve been staring at holes and peeling bits for far too long and calming the urge to want to pick at the peels and tear as long a strip as I can. But last weekend saw the beginning of [...]

Valentine’s Day – #SharetheLove


Before children, Husband and I would go out to a swanky restaurant for a good meal and a proper night out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there would be flowers and cards and even gifts exchanged. It was exciting, just as young, or should I say new, love should be.

One year we booked [...]

Amazon Summer Wishlist 2014 – what’s on yours?

kindle fire hdx

Last week I travelled to London and visited the Vinyl Factory in Soho, it was raining, it was cold and it was grey, a typical London winter’s day and then I stepped inside an Aladdin’s Cave of gadgets and desirable items that has got my  purse strings twitching ever since.

I visited all the [...]

Bosch DIY – why women are taking over

radio day


A few weeks ago I took part in a Radio Day, I have been meaning to tell you about it but something always gets in the way.

I was invited up to London by Bosch DIY as they had carried out a recent survey across the nation to discover where women stood [...]

Decor straight from the souk

Moroccan Antique Lamp[ThinkStock - iStockphoto]

A guest post by Moroccan Bazaar

As anyone who’s travelled in the Middle East and north Africa will know, the souks of cities like Marrakesh provide a shopping experience quite unlike anything you’ll find on European soil.

For the budding interior designer, browsing one of these dense and labyrinthine open-air markets is a [...]

HomeSense – I’m an Atmospheric buyer!

This year’s BritMums Live also saw me invited to lunch hosted by HomeSense and asked to become a Sensologist. Well I’ve never had an ‘ology’ before so how could I refuse?

I was asked to complete the Facebook app to discover which sense I used when decorating my home, I hope you had a [...]

Some kitchen love with a new oven Argos review

oven Argos


When we first viewed the house it was obvious where we would need to spend time and money to make the place reflect us as a family, we bought on the understanding that one day my husband would allow me to knock down walls and move the kitchen allowing a beautiful view onto [...]

£50 bathroom makeover – Home Improvement Hero

bathroom makeover bath mat

My challenge was to makeover a room in the house with only £50, could it be done and to what effect?

Money Supermarket who everyone has heard of came up with the Home Improvement hero to demonstrate to the nation that you don’t have to spend a fortune to change the look and feel [...]

Blinds made to measure to help children sleep longer?

hillarys blinds

Ever since the clocks turned to summer time back in March our girls have been waking early – too early. We’re all light sleepers as it is but 6 am – really?

Their bedroom also faces west and so on hot sunny days their bedroom becomes a furnace making it difficult for them to [...]