Medical Innovation Bill #SaatchiBill We need to act NOW

houses of parliament

Hands up if you know someone who has cancer or who has lost their life to the disease.

As I guessed, EVERYONE knows someone and that’s why it is so important I have your attention for the next minute or so to talk about the Medical Innovation Bill.

Today I was very honoured [...]

Specsavers: glasses for men


Husband works on computers all day long from the moment he arrives in the office until he switches it off and drives home.

Husband also wears glasses, he’s worn them ever since I met him and for a long time before that too, he’s also pretty good at getting checks done when the reminder [...]

Trainer Tuesday – walk to school in your trainers

Trainer Tuesday

Our school does a lot to try and encourage children into walking to and from school. Their initiatives help cut down on traffic and bad driving around the school plus it promotes good habits of walking, fresh air and moments away from screens.

They have been holding Trainer Tuesdays for years and who doesn’t [...]

National Eczema Week: Dove pure and sensitive cream bar review

Dove pure and sensitive soap

The 14th  - 22nd September is National Eczema Week and Dove® Pure & Sensitive have formed a new partnership with the National Eczema Society to help people look after sensitive skin.

If you suffer yourself or have a child that suffers from itchy skin you will be well aware of all the products that must be [...]

Fitbug Mums – walking myself fit


I am not the sportiest of sporty people, in fact I’m really rather unfit. I walk the girls to school and back twice a day and unless I have an event to attend I will sit by the laptop most days interspersed with housework as I go, a mish mash of sitting and cleaning.


Hay Fever relief – NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK

nasalguard allergie block

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this product for quite a while now but because of BritMums Live it kept slipping down the priority list which is a shame because the product is good and it works.

I suffer from hay fever every year but I’m luckier than some. I know of people [...]

100 calories a day less reduces your risk of cancer


100 calories a day = 1 stone extra in weight in a year

Yes, you read that right.

The World Cancer Research Fund has been in touch with me and asked if I would pass over some vital facts and figures and since we all want to live a long and healthy life [...]

The one where I thought Bessie may have fractured her arm

great patient

I always, as far as I can, walk the girls to school, only torrential downpours prevent us.

The school run home is a different matter, both of them are tired, neither of them want to walk and I can do without the moaning. This is where our Mini Micro scooters have come in to [...]

LIFT 60 second face lift by Rio Beauty

LIFT 60 second facelift

Is it possible to have a face lift for only £80?

Yes but not with surgeons and operating theatres or with the dreadful outcome that we see some major celebrities sporting on their faces in the ongoing battle to look young.

Rio Beauty asked me if I’d like to trial their 60 second facelift [...]

10 years anniversary No Smoking!

smash hits and Jackie

Yay, big round of applause to me.

10 years ago in April 2003 I smoked my final cigarette and mentioning when I started in the 30 years ago post the other day it brought it all back to me.

I started smoking in the 80′s whilst I was still at school. It was hip [...]