Protecting children online – PLUS win 1/10 copies of ‘One parent to another’ by Tony Anscombe

one parent to another

I recently attended a Digital Diaries session with the internet security company AVG. The discussion was based around our children, their digital footprint and the most important part – protecting children online.

The first things I was made to think about were – how often am I online whilst in the company of my [...]

An autumn trip to the coast

bikes by the sea

We put our caravan in storage over a month ago but we needed to go down and put her ‘blanket’ on plus make sure all was ok, seeing Saturday was going to be a bright and breezy morning off we went to Thanet and once the job was done, we head off to Westgate [...]

Happy birthday Megan

megan and gracey

She arrived in the early hours of the morning at 8 minutes past 3 to be exact as I remember looking at the clock and thinking ‘Oh look at that, Tommy was born 8 minutes past the hour too’ yep, not your average just-given-birth-thought.

She weighed in at 3,280 g and had a head [...]

Family staying over and leaving stuff behind

Rapunzel disney shoes

Wow, can you hear that silence in the house?

Everyone is out and I am here alone whereas at the weekend I had nine people under my roof for 3 nights. Can you imagine how the place is looking? Trashed doesn’t come close to a description; my washing basket is overflowing, there are toys [...]

My boys – The Gallery #132

Marianne and her boys

I have two boys, my first born, Thomas born in 1988 and his son, my grandson, Evan born last year on the same day as my late father 30th January and has recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

They both live in Folgaria in Italy with Oana, his lovely partner and Tommy works in the [...]

The week that was 365/2

What a week! Girls back to school and they’re very happy to be there, back to gymnastics in their new leotards that nonna bought for Christmas and I got stuck into work after a very lazy Christmas break.

I managed to call Megan and have a really good catch up with her, I also [...]

Evan my grandson is coming to stay

This was Evan when I last saw him in September when I nipped over to Italy quickly for his christening, as you can see he is a chatty young fellow with a smiley, happy character. In fact I am really looking forward to having them all here for a week, it will be [...]

Silent Sunday

The little man who has stolen my heart

Ciao ciao England, Trentino here I come

folgaria night

It’s time for another flying visit to Trentino, my favourite place in Italy as Evan is going to be christened this weekend and I am going to be there.

It’s with mixed feelings that I leave as on one hand I must leave Paul and the twins behind in the UK but on the [...]

Gracey is 3 years old

Gracey on Hello Canvas

What do you think?

She’s a cutey isn’t she. This is Gracey my granddaughter when she was over with us earlier in the year. We had so much fun and the twins enjoyed having someone smaller than them to look after.

Gracey celebrated her third birthday last weekend and it’s always a disappointment [...]