Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Many moons ago I wrote for an online publication. I was in charge of the sex and relationships column and it was my first writing ‘job’ albeit unpaid but it was a start and one I was excited to have a go at. Yes, I know I’m not exactly a sex kitten but hey [...]

Round-up of 2012 and dreams for 2013…

Mari's World, parenting, twins

Two days to go and it’ll be a brand new year, I do love a fresh start; it means I can put past mistakes behind me – hopefully I’ll have learnt something from them and I can move on and try to make it a better year for me and my family.

Mari’s World [...]

A prayer for Multiple Mummy

This post is a special post, one where I indulge in something I truly believe in – the power of the mind, the power of love and the healing possibilities of a community that comes together to do good.

A fellow blogger Kerry who writes at Multiple Mummy (she’s a twin mum too), was [...]

It’s all about me and me time Halloween

Carrying on with my quest to carve out more me time this week has gone completely to pot…it’s half term week and that means all of my time is spent with the girls BUT I am loving it.

So this week’s me time post for Mums and Me will be dedicated to our [...]

It’s all about me and me time

emily peacock cushion almost compeleted

Sometimes it’s just good to get stuff ‘off your chest’ wouldn’t you agree? And for a while now I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts with myself. I’m carrying on, plodding by and getting all my work done but something isn’t quite right.

I have forgotten some family birthdays these past few months, [...]

Put yourself in their shoes


A phrase I have heard since I could walk and tried on my very first sparkling shiny red shoes.

It’s also a phrase that I have continually adopted throughout my life especially when in turmoil which actually can make matters worse as you can’t see clearly through all the excuses you keep making for [...]

What would you do?

autumn sky

Have you ever done something that you later bitterly regretted? Have you thought to yourself ‘What was I thinking?’ ‘Why the hell did I do that?

Have you ever wished that if you could turn back time and eliminate that moment from your ‘timeline’ how wonderful everything would be now?

I have about one [...]

Gut instinct, what’s yours telling you?

Can you rely on your gut instinct to be honest with you?

I have had many feelings about people, situations or even the more banal aspects of life over the years.

For example, I knew back in 2001, when I got back with my ex husband after another separation, I knew it would be [...]

Peace and Love – The Gallery

I have loved the beauty of the Magnolia tree for years, I had a Magnolia tree in our last house and miss it dearly, this tree shouts out Spring to me and on a sunny day the beauty and delicacy of the large flowers is mind blowing.

These Magnolias stand by a beautiful [...]

Goodbye to being broody

Since having the girls there has been a teeny tiny part of me that yearned for another child. (Yes,I know it’s complete madness and I put it down to raging hormones)

At times this broodiness was so strong that I would wait for my monthly cycle with both fingers crossed and be quite disappointed when [...]