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A collection of sweet recipes for puddings, desserts, cakes, biscuits and more. Anything sweet goes in here. I have a very sweet tooth, chocolate being at the top of my list, my dessert collection has some easy cakes, chocolate mousses and many classics from both the British cuisine and Italian too.

white chocolate mousse dessertswith Panettone croutons

tiramisu recipeWho just went mmmmm on seeing the word Tiramisu? :)

I do every time, be it on a menu, on a shop shelf or in my own fridge. The trouble is I’ve hunted around my archives for a mouth watering photo to add of a homemade tiramisu and I haven’t got one. It occurred to me that this pudding has never been around along enough to be photographed! (Editor’s note: photo taken 21/11/13)

Did you know the word tiramisu literally translated means pick me up? I would imagine it’s because of the strong Italian coffee used to soak the biscuits in and not for the drop of brandy used to add a bit of flavour :)

Contrary to popular belief this is an incredibly simple recipe to make, it is also very fortunately a cheap one AND above all guaranteed to have everyone, umming and arring over the super deliciousness of such a dessert.

At a family barbecue a couple of weeks ago, I took along all of the necessary ingredients for a Tiramisu recipe, set up my video camera and along with the help of my niece Rosie we made a delicious pudding, have a look just how easy it is.

Just in case you missed it here’s a fool proof recipe and ‘how to’ video for risotto , dead simple to follow and guaranteed to be a table pleaser. So now you have no excuse all we need is for the Great British weather to play ball too.

tiramisu recipe

Last week we were stuck indoors every day as they were alternately ill – again! So Cbeebies was on most of the time to occupy them and I got to watch Katie on I can cook who has some brilliant ideas. One day she made chocolate mandarin puddings using sponge fingers. Easy, healthy and delicious.

Light bulb moment – ‘I’ve got some sponge fingers in the cupboard that need using up! I’ll make the puddings for the girls’ :-)

I don’t buy sponge fingers that often and going through my brain’s archives searching for the last time I used them I remembered I made a delicious Tiramisu for a summer BBQ.

This is the perfect Tiramisu recipe I learnt years ago working at Ristorante La Segheria in Folgaria

[yumprint-recipe id=’15’]

Voila’ – job done. Can be done in advance but not too long as the biscuits go soggy.

Check out my How to make Tiramisu video too to see just how easy it is.