It’s been a long time since I did a twin news catch up and of course their 4th birthday today is the perfect opportunity for me to write my diary entry as it were only I’m going to write them both a letter instead

Happy 4th birthday at preschool

Dear Alice,

Today you are four years old and you are beautiful. You are a joy to daddy and I and a constant source of happiness for us. This past year has been a very big one for you and you have come out of your shell proving you are a confident, still sometimes shy, lovely little girl.

We must say special thanks to your teacher Anita who has helped you on your journey, she has been there every step for you. When at first you would cry when I was about to leave you at preschool, she would come over for a cuddle and soon you’d be bouncing all over the place and happy once again. You also had another relapse after the Easter holidays but she coaxed you around then too.

You are naturally shy and you are an observer, preferring to watch a situation before diving in but once you’ve made your mind up you’re perfectly happy to continue with that decision.

You prefer to be playing on toys or running, jumping and riding your bicycle rather than sitting down and colouring in or learning to write. Anita didn’t have much in your file for a good part of the year whilst you ran around preschool trying all the toys but then you helped her out and filled up  your file in no time – does this mean you’ll be a last minute student later on I wonder?

Sometimes you break out into song and you LOVE whistling, we can hear you whistling all the time which annoys Bessie a bit as she hasn’t learnt how to do it yet. You love our bedtime story moment and you adore being cuddled and tickled.

You have a very special relationship with your sister, sometimes you rule, sometimes she does but on the whole it seems very equal. You both have chosen Hannah as your ‘Best Friend’ but you have made friends with many other children too and today we have invited 16 to join us at Go Bananas to celebrate your birthday. You have a lot of stamina Alice, more than your sister and you’ll be the last to drop into bed and fall asleep and Big Teddy remains your faithful favourite along with Aurora and Cinderella

You are a good girl Alice and you have a heart of gold. I think you’ll make a wonderful friend and a loyal partner when your time comes. You have already proved you’re a wonderful sister and daughter.

Happy birthday today on your 4th birthday daddy and I wish you a wonderful day


Alice blows her 4 candles out

Dear Bessie,

You were born a minute or two after your sister and therefore you are always mentioned second in ‘Alice and Bessie’ but this has no effect on you whatsoever, in fact due to your boisterous, fun-loving nature everyone learns the name Bessie first much to Alice’s annoyance who has had to endure being called Bessie all year. ‘I’m not Bessie! I’m Alice’

Although you and Alice may look identical to many, you are different in character and you are the courageous one. You find the joke quickly and laugh your head off, you will jump into a puddle without stopping to think of consequences wheras Alice will wait and watch and then seeing you are ok, she’ll follow.

You are a pleasure to daddy and I, you fill our lives with laughter and fun. You are a cheeky monkey, a gorgeous one at that too. I have also seen you bow down from your sister on various occasions allowing her to have her way which is very admiral of you.

You have a temper young lady! When you don’t get what you want or if you are told no you become very loud, you will plead and you will try to get your point across. I will admit to being defeated by you on occasions allowing you to get your way rather than carry on arguing with you but don’t think you’ve got the better of me. I know young lady that you are tired and fractious and that I will have the last laugh as I tuck you into bed.

Which brings me on to my next point, sleeping. You are an Olympic Gold in sleeping Bess, you love your bed and you love your teddy too, you will not be separated from him or his blankie. You like to fiddle a hole into his fur with your finger which has been sewn and re-sewn so many times now. I ask you not to do this but I catch you doing it without thinking. Your favourite princesses are Tiana and Belle.

You also suck your thumb, everyone has told you not to, even the dentist but you won’t listen and continue to suck your thumb when you’re tired, or when you’re anxious.

You are fun to be around Bessie, you too love a good story, a DVD or cuddles on the sofa. You are beautiful and we love you very much indeed. I think you’re going to make a wonderful friend and a fun loving partner too one day but that’s a long way off and we have so much to do together before that day arises.

Have a wonderful 4th birthday little one


Bessie blows out her 4 candles

And a very big thank you to these guys who have been the best babysitters till now

Baby Ted and Big Teddy

Birthday girls

diamond jubilee preschool party 2012

I’m rolling two posts into one this Wednesday as Tara has prompted us with Colour for The Gallery this week and I need to get  a twin post in for the Multiple Mayhem Carnival held over at Rebecca’s blog Here Comes The Girls on Friday and anyway, when I look at my girls, their clothes, their toys it is an explosion of colour. There is no quiet contemporary look in this house!

children playing on the beachThankfully they have started sharing more of their preschool experience with me now and one thing they are both very taken with is singing the Rainbow Song. Apparently the teachers choose various children to represent the individual colours of the rainbow depending on what colour clothes they are wearing that day….you’ve got it haven’t you? We now have discussions on what to wear to preschool every day where I have to convince each twin to wear the stuff I had planned, ‘Look at this lovely orange?’

Everything was going swimmingly well until one day Alice returned from preschool rather upset that she hadn’t been chosen that day pointing out ‘Just look at this beautiful yellow, mummy!’ to strengthen her case!

building sandcastlesI remember months back teaching the girls to draw a rainbow too as with one easy arch of the pencil a few times changing colour as you go et voila! You have a rainbow. Now I have an entire folder full of rainbows and I’ll sneakily admit to throwing some out as I there are only so many rainbows I can home.

I love the fact they one of them will burst into song at any time, loudly, off key but with enormous smiles on their faces. They love singing and are getting together quite a repertoire thanks to preschool where I think they sing most days. So I give you ladies and gentlemen I Can Sing a Rainbow, by Alice and Bessie

It’s that troublesome season of the year, one minute it’s really warm and everyone jumps up and down thinking Spring is here, and two days later we’re thrown into another ice age and the central heating goes on full blast.

So all mothers are totally forgiven for not knowing how to dress their children for a month or two until it all settles down and we know what we’re doing.

Vertbaudet have a fabulous range of cosy knits that are worth considering when updating the little one’s wardrobe this Spring as they are light and very colourful. Have a look at the quirky girls pieces that I selected below

I love the light woollen dress that can be worn with tights and boots or over leggings and the half sleeve cardigan to add an extra layer of warmth when needed. The full sleeve cardigan is of a lighter wool and can be used on chilly days throughout the summer too in our British uncertain climate!

As for the boys, they are not forgotten, check out these ideas I selected below

Boys? I’d wear them myself! I’ve been looking for a navy cardigan like that one for ages now and fear I’m going to have to knit my own as I can’t find one anywhere. I LOVE the Union Jack jumper and so spot on trend for this summer and the yellow is perfect to brighten up a young lad’s day. Gorgeous.

Vertbaudet have also launched their new Spring/Summer collection which is utterly fabulous and full of ideas and of course you must have a look at their nursery and bedroom ideas as they really can turn a dull room around and make it a special place for little people to live in.

You can sign up to receive a Vertbaudet catalogue through the post or alternatively just click online and see their latest collection at your fingertips.

Vertbaudet sent me a pink woollen dress like the purple one above which I took to Italy for my granddaughter Gracey but time was so short I didn’t get a photo of her in it but Vertbaudet, thank you very much she loved it as it had a star on it! :)