Twins baby diary

5 weeks today!

Where did the first month go? Each day has seemed really long but now I look back and it has flown by.

Alice was born 6lbs 2 ozs and 2 days ago weighed in at 8lbs 1 oz whereas Bessie was born 6lbs 3ozs and weighed in at 7lbs 9ozs.

Twins - my first hold

They were both breast fed up until 4 weeks but I found I was up to 20 feeds a day where they would pop on and off at their leisure so I took the heartbreaking decision to introduce two bottle feeds in the evening as that was when they were at their worst. I knew deep down it would be the beginning of the end but I couldn’t keep up and it was getting me down. Paul had been at home for the first 2 weeks but as of the 3rd I was on my own and I do like to feel as if I have everything under control. Just looking around our house and seeing unmade beds, washing to be hung, cups to be washed I knew something had to be done.

Twins - bottle feeding

I chose Aptamil milk as it says on the box, closest to breastfeeding. It seems to be going down well, we do have the odd sicky day (esp Bessie) and I have wondered about changing her to another brand – must check with my AN club, but on the whole we’re doing ok.

We’re probably around 7 – 10 feeds a day still and if I manage to wake them up together we get two night feeds at 2ish and again at 5.30 ish. I can’t wait for them to drop one :-)

Bessie has already picked up her first cold/cough in her 3rd week and even had a temperature of 37.6 one evening which put the fear of God in me. I called up our GP, was put through to out of hours who took details and the hospital called me back really quickly so that put my mind at rest that the system we rely on works. The doc listened to all of Bessie’s symptoms and said it was nothing to worry about, that they would be there all night if I was worried and could call anytime. My mind at rest, I got on with other tasks and Bessie has come through.

Twins co sleeping

Mind you it’s really annoying when she has taken a whole good feed only to cough what seems like the whole lot up with flem! Gggrrrrr.

Today I have managed to bath them both on my own (quite a mission) and they are currently lying on the play mat silently studying walls, ceilings and who knows what else?

I’m still waiting for our first smiles of recognition, I adore the wind smiles they do after a feed together with their drunk impression, rolling eyes, frowns, flickering smiles and odd noises.

twins after their first bath

Clothes – we’ve put the tiny baby stuff aside, my friend gave me a good tip telling me it was perfect doll-sized stuff, so popping it all in a bag together with a pack of premmie nappies, I had just in case, for future dolly games.

We have been out in the buggy but I haven’t managed yet on my own, literally because so far life has been one big feed with nappy changes and winding thrown in for good luck. Now we seem to be finding a loose routine (take loose as the operative word). I may venture out on Friday to my SIL’s for a cuppa…my baby bag armed to the hilt with bottles, nappies and all sorts of treasures one needs for such occasions.

twins in the buggyThe girls are off to their uncle’s 40th birthday this weekend. It’s in a social club with a disco and lots of people and I must admit I’m a bit wary of it all. I’d prefer to stay home but cannot. I have told Paul we’ll go along for the beginning and I’ll come home leaving him their to celebrate his brother. The trouble is, as people spot us entering, they go ‘Oh Twins, aren’t they gorgeous – can I hold one?’ The girls get passed round like sweets and pick up viruses and all sorts meaning I get a rough week.

One of the biggest things that has annoyed me so far is an old lady putting her finger in one of the girl’s mouths as they were hungry! My blood is boiling again at the memory. ‘Oh look she’s searching’…
Well get your flippin finger out of her mouth and let me feed her!
Jesus some people are so ignorant.

Twins 6 weeks old

Twins 7 weeks old

Twins 8 weeks old

Twins 9 weeks old