girls on bikes

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it?

In fact, husband went as far as to say to Bessie, as she stepped on the coach to leave with the Year 4 group Kingswood Camp bound, ‘Pick your jacket up! You’re going to lose it if you’re not careful!’

Yes, you already know where this is going, don’t you? One school trip later and one lost jacket.

dab pose

The teacher looked me as if I was dumb when I said, ‘It’s brand new.’ As we were specifically told not to send them with anything new. Do jackets count? Their old jackets have been around for two years and are looking very much the worse for wear. Husband, who delighted in reminding me told me, ‘Send them with their old coats.’ as I was packing and sorting out all of their kit. Did I listen? Of course not!

dad and girls

Blacks had sent these perfect Berghaus jackets to review. They were waterproof, had removable fleeces on the inside, looked very smart and would be perfect for the weather at this time of year. The programme at Kingswood is fantastic, building dens, climbing high, zip wires and a lot of activity. They would be the perfect jackets to wear, fit for all weather and tough.

We had even tried them out on a visit to the coast a couple of weekends ago and decided they were fabulous.

Now we only have one and I am writing emails, contacting via Facebook and disturbing the teachers via email too to see if I have any luck getting it back, after all, it’s a really good coat and like all mums, I bought it big so it would last a year or two.

Westgate on Sea - ice cream

Blacks really have some great gear for kids for all weathers and all seasons. I must remember to thank them for the black waterproof trousers that were sent through as they did return, covered in mud but that’s what they were for. With elasticated waistbands that are easy to pull over jeans or leggings, they came in very handy on rainy days.

I do apologise if this post is shorter than usual but I really do want to find that jacket, you would too if you had one. So I’m going to start phoning and emailing until I am sure that nobody has the jacket. Wish me luck!

girls going on a school trip

Disclosure: We were sent two jackets for the girls to review and some waterproof trousers from Blacks, I really do like them and I’d love to find the lost one. All opinions are my own. You can find them on the following social channels too.

Twitter: @blacks_online     Instagram: blacks_online     Facebook: blacksonline

Platypus sunsuits

Platypus are an Australian brand of swimwear for babies, kids and women. It was formed in 1996 by two mothers who after applying and re applying sun lotion to their on-the-go kids they realised there was a need for children’s bathing suits and rash guard clothing to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays and still be comfortable and cool.

And Australian mums know a thing or two about sunshine, sunburn and swimwear!

Their mission was to educate parents, children and the industry of the importance of protecting children against the sun’s damaging rays in order to prevent skin cancer in later life.

Their UV Protective Swimwear and Rash Shirts with coordinated Kids Bathing Suits will do just that and help avoid future complications!

Platypus invited my girls to choose a sunsuit each and try them out.

Platypus swimsuits

As I like to identify the twins quickly I have always chosen to dress them in different colours, so I went ahead and ordered a pink suit which I knew alice would like and a pale blue suit that would be for Bessie, when it all arrived and we unpacked them to take a first look there were lots of oohs and aahs and Alice immediately grabbed the pink one. Bessie looked about crestfallen until I opened hers up to show the pretty skirt on her bikini. Then Alice, of course wanted to change her mind – too late!

I can therefore guarantee the designs are eye catching and beautiful and I imagine my two will be swapping suits over the summer.

The size 6 fit my two soon to be 7 year olds perfectly. To have an idea of the sizing, my girls fall bang on the sizing offered by most shops, they will be 7 in July and so their clothes are all 6 – 7.

The pink bikini top has straps that can be adjusted to the perfect fit.

The first outing was to a friend’s birthday party where all the girls jumped in the hot tub and had lots of fun. All bottoms stayed where they should and so did the tops.

The twins LOVE them, I think they feel ‘older’ by wearing a bikini and I know we shall be using them a lot this summer

WIN 1 of 2 Platypus swimsuits as in the photo

Platypus sent me two packages of identical orders and instead of sending them back they have very kindly offered them up for a competition.

The two Platypus sunsuits are identical to those seen in the top photo and each suit is comprised of 1 bikini plus a matching jacket.

Open to the UK only entries via the rafflecopter widget below and best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out the Platypus website for the entire range for babies, boys, girls and women.

Disclosure: We were sent two Platypus sunsuits for the purpose of this post.

Birthday celebrations in the house!

newborn twins

6 years ago today I was holding two little people, one hooked in each arm and I was marvelling at the fact, unable to leave my bed after my Cesarian operation. Amazed that I had made TWO people and they had arrived safely in the world.

Our two little people have grown a lot and we’ve had lots of fun together. This past year seems to have flown by and you girls have changed too.

twins stars goals

You have transformed from babies into girls and this time last year you each wrote one goal you wanted to reach over time, Alice wished she could swim without armbands and she has accomplished that. Both girls will be moving up to Stage 3 level 3 in September. Well done Alice!

Bessie wished she could ride her bike without stabilisers and she did! First there was a lot of practising in the back garden on the old bikes which were too small and then we bought new bikes this weekend for your 6th birthday and presto! You were off. I can’t wait for all the opportuniites this will open up for us.

Look I caught it on my phone…

Seeing as you were doing so well we decided to go to the old runway where there was a bigger stretch to ride and look how much fun you were having. If your cheeks look very red that’s because you both insisted on wearing make up from your new make up kits.


School – Year One

This year you have been Koalas in Year One with Mrs Jackson and Mrs Goldberg. You both have done extremely well, your reading and writing is amazing, now you are quite happy to read on your own but you still like listening to stories. Some of the favourites we have read together this year have been The Faraway Tree and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.


We’ve been out and about too. We went to Honfleur last summer which you both adored. We also popped over to Guernsey whilst we were there and had the most amazing time.

family portrait Honfleur

We went to see The Gruffalo Trail and Southend Pier.

southend pier

We visited LEGOLAND  and Ascot and Stonehenge too.

stonehenge family audio guide

We went to Cornwall in the winter and we had a fabulous time, Alice lost her first tooth.

We went to Butlins and you thought Misty was very naughty but loved her all the same. Bessie lost her first tooth there.

We spent lots of lovely weekends in our caravan, we even went to Woolacombe in the Spring and spent lots of lovely days with your cousins


Butlins Misty skyline gang

Dressing up

Still a favourite passion for both of you and you spend lots of time in your princess dresses or your bridesmaid dresses from last year. You dressed up as Little Bo Peep and ‘Ride A Cock Horse for Nursery Rhyme Day. We made fabulous Easter bonnets this year full of large colourful flowers.

easter bonnets

We also dressed up as pirates for Pirate’s Day which was a lot of fun and your first school trip was to Chatham Dockyard for a special Pirates Day and you loved it although you were both very tired in the evening.

Pirates day

After school activities

We started the year with swimming, dancing, gymnastics and drama but soon decided it was too much so we dropped gymnastics as it was the most expensive one with payments due every six weeks. However you got Stage 2 before you left with a medal and a certificate.

Swimming saw you move up to Stage 3 and accomplish two levels. You can swim without armbands and are happy jumping and diving into the pool.

You sang Frozen ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ for your Drama Christmas show and we thought you were brilliant on stage.

You love all of these activities and we’ll see in September which ones you want to continue with.

Frozen has been a massive influence on you, I hear you singing at the top of your voice in the back garden after school and playing ‘shows’ upstairs in your bedroom. So you will be very happily surprised to see I’ve managed to get quite a few Frozen bits for your birthday.

It’s a pleasure being your mum, you are really good girls and we have lots of fun together. It’s easy looking after you and luckily for me you still like holding my hand and having lots of cuddles, I am making the most of this whilst they still last. I’m looking forward to spending another fun packed year with you both, who knows what we’ll get up to this time?

Birthday presents for 6 year old girls

This is what you asked for this year….

Frozen dresses and shoes

LEGO Cinderella castle

New Bikes

Flutterbye Fairy

Craft kits

Anything Frozen


Happy birthday my lovely little ladies, I love you with all my heart

Mummy xxx

Five years old and I can see how you’ve grown, this past year has been a ma-hoo-sive move on from the baby chubbiness.

twins sleeping 5 months

Girls you can read! I never imagined at the beginning of the year you would read so well and enjoy it too.

Preschoolers reading a book

You can write. And you spend hours filling out your little notebooks, listing all your friends’ names in a register style and ticking off who’s having packed lunches.

practising writing skills

You can argue – a bit too much sometimes for my liking (I’m echoing every mum in the country with more than one child here) everything is a race now from getting dressed, to who gets to the door first, to who bags the ‘best car seat’

You both love princesses, especially the Disney ones, you love Scooby Doo, ice cream, swimming and playing with daddy. You love being read to every night before light’s out. You both still love cuddles and alien kisses ( a big wet lick on the cheek when you’re least expecting it) You love jumping into our bed on a weekend morning and snuggling for about 5 minutes before demanding ‘Let’s go downstairs now’

princess dresses

But you have your differences too and today I shall celebrate your differences with the following 10 questions.

Mini Mode - Boots clothes10 things about me – Alice

The words to describe me are thoughtful, kind, shy, happy, intelligent, lovable, a princess, clumsy at times – your knees have been grazed pretty much most of the year. Loyal, loving and gentle

The food I could live on is You LOVE all your food Alice but if there’s ever a second helping of pudding you’re hand is always the first to shoot up high. Alice says – Pasta, strawberries and ice cream

My favourite game to play is … this year your games have been heavily focused on princesses but you love puzzles, you enjoy playing on the computer and on your LeapPad. You love playing in the park and you adore swimming too.

My favourite film is Scooby Doo

If I had one wish it would be to learn to ballet dance

My favourite toy is Leap Pad

When I grow up I want to be a princess

My best friend is Serenity

outside the x ray room10 things about me – Bessie

The words to describe me are a giggler, funny, lovable, thumb-sucking (still!) odd tantrum throwing, inquisitive, messy-Bessie, chatterbox, princess. Cuddly, lively, open, occasionally shy. Intelligent. Kind and gentle.

The food I could live on is pasta, strawberries and ice cream

My favourite game to play is … LeapPad, Hide and seek

My favourite film is Beauty and the Beast

If I had one wish it would be I would like a Beast and a doll to dress up and play with it’s hair (styling head)

My favourite toy is princesses

When I grow up I want to be a princess

My best friend is Abigail

twins smiling cheeky

photo of mummy

Can I take your photo mummy?

It’s not a surprise to hear the words ‘Mummy, can I take a photo?’ meaning with my camera or smartphone after all they’ve been photographed more or less every step of their journey so far in the five years they’ve been with us. We spend a lot of time looking at the photos we’ve taken and talking about that particular object or experience and they’ve watched me get up close to a flower, or crouch/stand on a stool/hold the camera high in the air to get a shot that I’m looking for.

We’re really lucky these days to have digital cameras allowing us to take a look immediately at our photo and therefore re-take if it’s not quite right. If anyone has ever tried food photography – you’ll know what I mean.

They were delighted to find cameras on their Leap Pads at Christmas and we have a whole load of photos downloaded into their galleries and although the first could probably do with throwing away they quickly got the hang of it and now Big Ted and Baby Ted  are placed all over the place to get the right shot.

photo of daddy

Daddy just in from work still with biker jacket on!

I am really happy to pass the camera over and watch them play and learn at the same time. I am curious to see what they come up with and I want them to be better than me. My little Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3 is perfect as it’s compact, light and takes a damn good photo too. We haven’t tackled the zoom yet but I’m sure it will come in time and you never know I may learn something new too

snail trail

snail trail

Of course there are rules to be followed

  1. Always keep the loop over your wrist so if it slips out of your hand it won’t fall on the floor
  2. Share the camera nicely with your sister.
  4. NO running whilst holding the camera

So here it is, allow me to present Alice and Bessie’s first pictures taken of each other and things that caught their eye.

photos taken by the kids

in the front room
kids photos 2

In the garden
kids photos of garden
and some more
kids photos garden
and finally the disco lights that fascinated them as it squiggled and moved with the music
disco lights