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More than a mum is the place I save everything that doesn’t fall into the Travel, Food and Lifestyle buckets. It’s all those little things that go into my life and make me the person I am. Expect to find, fashion, beauty, photography, hobbies and anything else that is another part of me that I thought you might be interested in.

I can if it’s a really important one but if it’s something that in my mind isn’t going to hurt anyone then I could possibly be charged as guilty for letting on my snippet of knowledge to somebody else. In a ‘Ohhhh, have you heard?’ kind of manner.

I mean should you confide the style and designer of your wedding dress to me, Kate Middleton, of course I wouldn’t utter a word, or something personal that’s key to your well-being then Mum’s The Word and your info is as safe as houses with me. These lips will be well and truly sealed. I take my cue from you. If I can see you are sharing something deep it will stay with me.

On the same note, how does not knowing a secret affect you? If I fathom out there is a secret out there that I am not part of, I Want To Know It and I will go to great lengths to try and find out by asking people we have in common, trying to surreptitiously trip them up, con them into thinking I know when I really don’t have an inkling. Are you guilty of that? Do secrets bug you too?

Well, I have a secret for you all and I shall be telling all probably next Monday, and yes, as it’s my secret I am allowed to be vague about the whens and hows. But in the meantime I can give you some clues to get your detective spirits up

  • I’ve been emailing Violet Posy
  • I’ve been looking at these sites Tales From the Village, It’s a Mummy’s Life, Muddling along Mummy, Frugal Family,  and Mostly Yummy Mummy
  • I’ve had my web designer brother on board too who decided to throw in ideas at the last hour to cheer Liz up!
  • I have let loose a creative side of me I didn’t know I had and in fact I haven’t got as these guys came up with something much better than me.

So. Intrigued? I hope so, I’m keeping quiet for now but I shall be shouting from the rooftops very soon, make sure you don’t miss out on the fun xx

It’s true. I have a massive dose of woman’s flu and I can’t remember feeling this bad since God knows when. (Ah, flu bug – it was this time last year then!) If you are waiting for a reply to your comment, I may not get there I’m afraid. All I want to do is curl up under the duvet but seeing as my little treasures are well on the mend (amazing how they bounce back so quick) I’m transferring my bulk from the sofa to the armchair with great difficulty and trying hard to stay vigil.

I’m gutted as we were supposed to go and see my Brand New Nephew Jacob at the weekend but 10 mins before arriving at the house Bessie decided to empty her stomach contents all over the back seat so we had to turn around and miss out on the fun. On Sunday, Alice followed suit and I was hot on their tails jumping into bed at around 9pm last night.

I have wondered if I have the dreaded Swine Flu at about 2.30am this morning when I was so blocked up I couldn’t breath. I did question my GP a while back but he was very non committal, apparently all the symptoms are just like other flus and I could have already have had it. He wasn’t even bothered about the girls getting it.

So what the hell was all that commotion about last year? And where did all the vaccines go to? Not quite the killer flu the media were ramming down our throats, mind you I am very, very poorly so sympathy this way please xxx

Six? Seven weeks into 2011? and so far not a massive amount of progress on any keep fit/dieting regime I may have loosely promised myself at the start of the year. Oh but that is so typically me that anyone who knows me didn’t even raise an eyebrow there. Sport is sooo not my thing, I mean I like an aerobics lesson, loads of women in a hot stuffy room all jumping, running and moving to pounding music trying their best to keep up with the insanely thin instructor. That’s ok but the girls won’t stay in the creche without bursting into tears so I had to give that up. Consequently the sport area of my life has been filled with er…nothing.

But dear readers, on closer inspection of said area I have been doing one tiny little thing which may just make an enormous difference. It’s quite exciting isn’t it? You see every time I leave the house and change from my slippers to ‘outdoor’ footwear I have been slipping into my Reebok Easytone trainers. Now this isn’t a sponsored post, Reebok sadly did not courier me a pair of their running shoes with promises that I’d have an Elle Macpherson body by Easter if I wrote a few words. No,no, no. I flicked through my Next catalogue as my old trainers were busted and I needed to replace them. If you’re like me you will hate the day when you actually have to give in and consign those beloved treasures to the bin but my toes were peeping through the front stitching and if it rained too much my feet got wet so execution day it was for my old trusted Nikes.

There was no way I was facing a shoe shop with the twins in tow, so catalogue it was and surprisingly there were quite a few different options open to me but a pair of trainers that promised to tone my butt and my legs whilst I went about my every day tasks was too much to refuse. I ordered a pair right away and anxiously waited their arrival. That was back in September and since then I have got more and more used to them, wearing them ever more frequently. When I tried them on for the first time I noticed immediately I was taller this is probably due to the exclusive feature of Moving Air Technology with balance ball inspired pods (sounds magnificent doesn’t it?) These pods create micro instability and softness with every step and boy you should see me walk these days ;)

So £75 later, what are my thoughts? Well I like them. They look like a normal pair of trainers but to the untrained eye I’m having a mini workout, a micro workout where it counts. I wear them with jeans or track suit and I wear them every day, shopping, taking the girls out or just family walks. Have I noticed an improvement yet? Well that was my question to you, what do you think?

Personally I need to step up my training regime and I shall have you know that I am planning to walk 20 mins – half an hour on the days Paul gets back from work around 6 o’clock. These sessions will include brisk walking and as I get fitter interspersed with bursts of running, she writes confidently. Oh it all sounds so good on paper doesn’t it?

Should the lovely people at Reebok wish to send me a pair of size 5 Easytone Flip‘s to try out this Spring/Summer I could continue this experiment for a lot longer and give you all such a more detailed review allowing you to decide whether you too would like a cute derriere just like mine.

Step this way Ladies for gorgeous butts :)

My second post of the 30 posts of truth, please find the first here

Crikey, in the wrong hands this could be a totally mad post, couldn’t it? It’s just the kind of question that allows you to go on and on and on about all your qualities :D

I’ll be brief ladies and gentlemen, I promise. I laugh as I write as I’m hardly at the Oscars here! The exercise is to find something you love about yourself and I will admit, I’m quite happy being me, I have multiple bad points, ask my other half – he’ll fill you in, but at the point I am now in my life. I’m ok with me and I think it took a long time to get here and a lot of heartache too.

What do I love most about myself? I think it’s a quality that comes from my dad. As a teenager growing up I would see Dad every other weekend as my parents divorced when I was 10. During our time together I would talk about the things that were worrying me in my life and dad would listen and come back with his advice which was always spot on. One thing he taught me was to break the problem down into smaller, more manageable bits, his favourite phrase being ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.’ I have used this advice over and over throughout my life and if there’s one thing I shall shout out about myself is that I will not be put off by problems, sometimes they are hard and so I break them down just like dad taught me too. It works – you should try it.

There is one other thing I’d like to mention as I think it’s important. I love the way I always look for the positive in someone and I think this is really important in our society today. I know many people who are constantly knocking others, celebrities or not, finding something nasty or harmful to say about this person and sometimes when I’m listening I feel as if I’ve been stabbed myself in the gut.

Is it necessary to be so constantly spiteful? Why are these people being so spiteful? Is it to make themselves feel better than that person?

I don’t know but I feel if we’re constantly picking up on the bad in people we can’t evolve and get better as a society as a whole. It’s time we started looking for the good, focusing on it and bringing it out in to the open by praising it, that way people will get better, nicer, happier and we’ll all live happily ever after…or something like that

Oh, and before you disappear, there’s just one more thing that I love about myself and that is I don’t take myself seriously. I’m happy to send myself up in favour of a laugh and I am an easygoing, easy to talk to person who is approachable and nice – well I think so :)

What do you love about yourself?

How do I blog? – Good question. How do I do it and do I really want to stop and ask myself?

Well actually, yes I do as blogging has become a very important part of my life. It has become a valid outlet for me to connect with the outside world, to write more and better (hopefully), to meet people and connect.

I have to squeeze my blogging time into various moments throughout the day, usually when the girls are having a quiet moment which annoyingly for me is less and less, afternoons seem to be good writing times, they’re on the sofa watching CBeeBies and I can tap away for a while with no  relatively little distraction, if they happen to nap I’m on a roll!

Here is what I struggle with regards to blogging:-

  1. I’m not as good as I’d like to be in getting back to comments left on my blog, although I appreciate every single one  as they give excellent direction. My problem is time, I just need more of it. Please, please don’t be offended if I don’t get back to you, I’ve just caught up in real life!
  2. Again time is needed to visit all the lovely bloggers who do take the time to comment and some weeks I just run out of time and therefore don’t get back to everyone. I would like to change this, maybe when the girls start pre-school I’ll be more organised…
  3. I hardly ever go back and edit posts and again this is because of lack of time. There are loads of mistakes, including my 1st Jan post where I actually got the year wrong! I was suffering a major hangover if that’s any excuse? That is still on my To Do list :D
  4. I hardly ever make it on to Twitter which is a brilliant place to promote your blog and get ‘seen’ raising the number of readers, interacting with the other bloggers (I’d love to have more time to do this!) Again hopefully when the girls start pre-school I’ll be miraculously freed and can devote more time *sigh*

Here’s some tips on how I keep the posts coming.

  1. When I get ideas and they can be none for days and then a major brainstorming session, I write them down in a notebook and come back to them. Sometimes I may leave them – maybe they don’t feel right on revisiting, sometimes I may elaborate on them and detour from the initial idea but on the whole it works for me.
  2. A more detailed post, I start as a draft and keep going back to it until I feel it’s right. A perfect example of this is the My Italy posts. I start with initial ideas and then add to it through the week and hopefully don’t forget anything majorly important!

If you are interested in blogging I would advise this  E-course written by Erica, a mummy blogger herself. She has gone through all aspects from start-up right through to gaining more readers and moving on to higher levels. It’s written in an easy to grab manner and is full of fantastic advice another important mention  – it’s Free and arrives weekly in your inbox. What are you waiting for? Go and subscribe and get yourself started up now. I keep going back to mine frequently as it’s a hive of information.

So there you go, that is How I blog, I’m linking up with Notes to Self Plus Two, a brilliant mummy blogger, check her out and see what other tips have been put forward, maybe they’ll convince you to join in too. Please make sure you let me know if you do start-up as I’d love to see what you’re up to.

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