I haven’t been around for a few days as I’ve been tied up with the WTM – a big travel fair held in the Docklands. I work for the Italian Tourist Board and this is our most important fair all year. It went well and I’m totally exhausted. Just going through emails today and lying very low…
I have received my Christmas Card list from T4AB and so will be off to buy some cards at lunch and get that sorted out. If I don’t I will forget.
My office is just behind Oxford Circus and I can see Regent Street from my window, I’m looking forward to seeing the xmas lights this evening and will post a photo next week. Hamley’s looks fab and will have a look on one lunch break.
I really should be going to the gym at lunch though. I was brilliant all summer trying to lose the baby weight before starting all over again and then with last month’s ttc I stopped. I was scared it might bring on AF which came anyway! So I really should get back to that, reason being – the Italian lads who work on our WTM stand I see once a year and they’re all lovely guys, one looked over at me on Tuesday and motioning with his hand around the womb area asked me if I was pg. Now I am still a bit chunky around there and he was mortified when my colleague overhearing told him of my loss, he said his girlfriend had also suffered the same earlier this year.
I was happy as I am in the 2ww and have my fingers crossed (could it be an omen???) and sad as I really must get my backside into gear so I can wear something nice at the Crimbo parties.
What a tug of war eh?
SS is turning up nothing which is quite depressing. No sore (.)(.) CM is creamy and diminishing. I have felt the womb area ‘tighten’ a bit but that could be me. Oh and a couple of days ago I felt an uncomfortable pin pricking sensation inside which continued and I had to poke my finger in the area to relieve myself. It flashed through my mind that it might be implantation but think it was too early. It happened on 2 occasions and was more to the right side.
Photo is of DP qwhen I had my BFP back in March, I so hope to make him happy again with another BFP very soon. He would be over the moon xx


CD18 – DPO 2?
will post on T$AB to find out how they count DPO’s so I can be more specific.
Have a stinker of a cold, runny nose, sore throat and heavy head feeling. Am at work which is a pain but it does mean I get 2 days off in Loue/liew/loo so that’ll be nice.
Busy week at work which I am hoping will take my mind off the 2ww (fat chance!)I have already dreamt of baby which is quite scary becuase if I’m not pg I shall fall harder than last month which was a nasty bump.
Just in case only had 1 glass of wine last night and sipped it really slowly so it lasted for ages.
I keep thinking to myself – if I am pregnant this will be my last WTM (travel exhibition – work) adn that makes me very happy.
My two lovelies should be back home from Mexico today, I know Megan will want to show me her photos and I’m dreading it. The things we have to do
DP has called he’s gone for a 15 mile hike today..almost pleased I came into work! I shan’t be home till 9ish tonight and then I’ll probably be cream crackered, so roll on next weekend when we can relax together.
PS If you followed my visualization of the comfy womb the other day, I have decided to add a big bit of velcro to the ‘egg cushion’ so it sticks properly! Nice idea eh? Quite proud of myself for that.
Oh, and my brain has gone into overtime with regards to my Secret Santa – my girl has asked for a BFP (haven’t we all) so I’m rustling up some Xmas magic for her along with her pressie which I hope she likes as I do…he he he no sorry ho ho ho!
Photo of my Tommy and DP last year on the slopes. DP beginner, DS snowboarder


Still don’t know when to count DPO1 by the way.
Bd last night and today but am coming down with the flu aaahhh. All I want to do is sleep and tomorrow I have to work.
TBH all this bd’ing has made me a little sore so now it’s uncomfortable. Will be glad to have a few days off! and reckon so will dp… now I NEVER thought I’d say that.
We have already talked about the fact that should I be pregnant we will have a bd ban probably all the way through which may be tough. We can use other methods but I think it will be difficult anyway. Also even if the doc gives us the go ahead I really don’t think I would as I woulod be too scared.

I got my smiley!!!!
At 6am this morning and that was after taking my temp which had shot up to 36.1 – what a brilliant start to the day!
We did bd last night adn first attempt was unsuccessful. We are now ‘programmed’ into ‘doning it’ and it’s taken something important out of our bding :-( I also find I am a lot ‘wetter’ around ov whihc doesn’t help matters.
Anyway we gave it another bash just before turning the lights out and were successful. DP told me he dioes feel pressured a little – not from me but fomr the fact that we have our window and the deed needs doing.
anyway, hopefully if the egg should come today there are somw swimmers already around.
We do want to bd again tonight, dp won’t be taking any drugs for his bad flu (dead tired last night and probs at work!) and is limiting himself to 2 pints at lunch. For anyone who knows my dp this is an enormous step as he’s usuaully the 10 pint Friday man. NOt any more….
Am on quite a high today just praying that we catch her.
fingers crossed everyone – here’s a lovely piccy of conception I found for my blog and will add here…


CD15 today
Well still no + smiley signs on the OPK, am nearly through the box and if no sign tomorrow then will have to go and get another box.
I really must stop getting so worked up, I fell pregnant naturally without all this fuss back in March but now it just seems as if it’s such a distant goal.
DP asked to go out for drinks after work with his mates tonight and I asked him not to as these are our ‘days’. I know he doesn’t mind but I shall feel silly if it doesn’t happen this month.
I remember last month being in Italy and dreaming that I was ovulating so really don’t want to miss our chance this month.
Am beginning to question everything from CM (is that ewcm?) to temps (haven’t a clue what I’m doing here) and niggly pains which I don’t have today anyway.
I have seen somewhere that not all women can pick up their ov with the kits and I’m hoping that is my case.
Got very sad last night on coach thinking of my two in sunny Messico. I notice I’m also silently praying a lot repeatedly saying ‘Please’ – this can’t be good.
In fact, even when bding last night I was concetrating more on catching the egg that leting myself go and enjoying myself. I really must stop this and just go back to normal realed me mode.
At least should AF arrive this cycle, I’ll be in Italy with the kids and my old friends. Here’s a photo of my god daughter Alice and her sister Linda in Italy, duaghters of my very good friend Cinzia – the sweetest person on the earth – not a bad bone in her body.