This is my DS who is now 18 taken in Oct – can’t wait to see them both on Sunday!!


4+5 …getting there!
I have been having a lot of CM the past couple of days and of course it’s worrying. Every time I feel it it takes my breath away and I get a feeling of dread, but have to say so far so good.
I am also aware of my uterus as there is movement down there, a dull ache, sometimes I use my fingers to relieve the ache and it works, I just hope this is the uterus stretching or the placenta working it’s way in deeper.
I have also felt a mild ache in my lower back which is the area I usually associate with AF, so that is cause for worry as well (not doing very well here are we?)
So yes, I’m worried and on tenterhooks, Deep down I am convinced everything will be OK this time but you can’t help but wonder with all of these messages the body sends can you?
I have been posting on the T4AB board but not so much and I have started on the August 2007 board. Grania is our lady who keeps us in check and answers our worries, I feel the board is full of people but not quite connected yet, hopefully this will happen over the next month when we all start recognising each other.
We have already had some leave the board which saddens and worries everyone, I think we are all aware that mc is a threat and all praying it won’t happen to anyone.
This morning on my commuter coach, I had a little chat with ‘God’ and thanked him for giving me another chance, whilst I was at it I asked him to keep an eye on me and make sure we do the whole 40 weeks AND give birth to a healthy baby. You got to be careful and make sure he gets the whole idea, I’ve seen far too much upset on this site.
Below is a very racy photo of myself in me undies (brace yourselves), it’s more for me to see how I grow over the next 8 months, I took it on Saturday morning (after my shower) when we had just done the first test. I was so excited I didn’t think to put my clothes on but at least it’s a matching set of undies and quite proper too. I feel as if my belly has already grown since then – quite frightening as it’s not baby, it may have something to do with the Terry’s orange I unwrapped last night? :-)


4+4 (248 to go)
I had the most amazing dream lathough it was the other night and I forgot to tell you about it. I was holding a little newborn boy who’s name was Dale.
I’ve never heard of that name either and remember mentioning that in my dream. So I had a look on Wikipedia and it exists! there aren’t that many but the name does exist. How fascinating. Not sure if I like the name yet though and doubt DP will be in favour as he likes usual names. But wow!
I have been having the odd twinge below every now and then, when I get them I panic and then they pass and I go abck to my happy state.
Not happy to have 3 pg books I went and got a new one at lunch time called ‘What to Expect when You’re Expecting.’ Looks good and I hope to find out even more than I do already – that will really freak me out!
I found something lovely form River Island for my daughter’s Xmas present adn that’s me just about done I believe. I have a small bit of food shopping to do tomrrow.
sorry the photo didn’t come up yesterday, I don’t understand why it won’t work fomr laptop at home. Here’s one of me and DD taken in Oct
Tract – so sorry AF got you, and I hope it happens in 2007 for you
K – I’m in the taxi driver club too now! We’ll be the only 2 having a decent conversation that makes sense over the festive period!


4+3 only 249 days to go…
Do they know how many days that is???
Yes, the initial delight is starting to wear off as fear sets in and every twinge, twang, tweak of pull is cause for great concern and thought. aaaarrg take my head away from me
Baby is a whole .02 inches long! Doing very well I’d say but then I’m his mum so I would!
I took the day off today (loved every second of it) and went to see my GP. He gave me the folic acid and took a urine sample saying I need to do one every month to be sure. I have a booking in apt with the midwife for the 16th January
I managed to complete almost all of my Christmas shopping today and have wrapped the majority up. I treated myself to a couple of new tops for the festive period and a shiny nail varnish soemthing I hardly ever where but Hey it’s Christmas!!!
Another big buy today which is new one for me was Non alcoholic wine. I’ve started with 4 bottles – well I’m hardly going to get slaughtered am I?
Oh well, the amount of chocolate that slipped into my trolley will probably make up for that….
Am very tired, DP is out on a pub quiz and will come home trollied so am off to bed in a mo’ to read my new Prima baby and pregnancy mag. yooohooo!
I know how to have a good time!
Piccy of me this summer in Sept in Spain.

I’m already regretting my choice of title, in fact I tried to change it but must have hit enter by mistake! Oh well, my idea was to be positive and tell everyone that even at 40 pregnancy is no big deal so let’s get on with it.
First thougth to mention is when kay was due to go on holiday back in August, I remember texting her and saying ‘have a great time – we’ll both be pregnant by christmas.’ At the time I was so convinced it would happen and look I was right! Even if these past couple of months I have really doubted myself.
Physicaly I’m fine although I was in bed early last night 9.45, there was nothing on TV and I was bored, mind you I slept right through till the alarm only getting up briefly for a wee. I have nausea on and off throughout the day and I have phoned my GP.
I have an apt tomorrow, this way I can get some stronger Folic Acid which also helps with implantation. I phoned the hospital and talked to a midwife, she told me not to start taking the baby aspirin just yet. She’s automatically generated a scan for me which should come through for around the 7th week for a quick check and will arrange an appointment for me with the cons.
Baby is still little than a cluster of cells although he may already have the start of a heart and a heartbeat albeit irregular at the moment. He’s also working on his spine and brain. Good boy? girl?
Picture of me and DP last christmas – we haven’t changed that much xx