I’m already regretting my choice of title, in fact I tried to change it but must have hit enter by mistake! Oh well, my idea was to be positive and tell everyone that even at 40 pregnancy is no big deal so let’s get on with it.
First thougth to mention is when kay was due to go on holiday back in August, I remember texting her and saying ‘have a great time – we’ll both be pregnant by christmas.’ At the time I was so convinced it would happen and look I was right! Even if these past couple of months I have really doubted myself.
Physicaly I’m fine although I was in bed early last night 9.45, there was nothing on TV and I was bored, mind you I slept right through till the alarm only getting up briefly for a wee. I have nausea on and off throughout the day and I have phoned my GP.
I have an apt tomorrow, this way I can get some stronger Folic Acid which also helps with implantation. I phoned the hospital and talked to a midwife, she told me not to start taking the baby aspirin just yet. She’s automatically generated a scan for me which should come through for around the 7th week for a quick check and will arrange an appointment for me with the cons.
Baby is still little than a cluster of cells although he may already have the start of a heart and a heartbeat albeit irregular at the moment. He’s also working on his spine and brain. Good boy? girl?
Picture of me and DP last christmas – we haven’t changed that much xx


Emotions are running high, I have done nothing at work today other than sort out new tickers and check out all of the boards. I’ve had to tell my boss as he was about to buy plane tickets for Dublin in January and I’d prefer not to go. So Gloria the secretary is going in my place – she’s well chuffed and so am I albeit for different reasons.
You can see the test photo below which started this new pregnancy on Saturday morning. I was dying to get on BW to tell the T4AB board but as usual I was running here and there and ran out of time.
K txt me on Sun to tell me of a farmer’s market close by and mentioned there had been 2 BFP’s on the board, so I txt her back with our news, she was delighted as were the family when we told them.
DP had a very sad moment on Sunday. Whereas I have never stopped thinking about our little girl we lost back in July, men have a way of getting on with life, but our good news urged him to drag out the box with the photos the hospital took, the cards we received and other little momentos and he had a look and put the box away.
He’s fine now but we are both worried about what the future holds in store for us.
I have promised to take it easy at work, last time maybe I did push myself a bit too much believing I am 20 again. So no more of that.
I am suffering nausea on and off throughout the day and have bought some ginger biscuits to keep at work.
I’m hoping to get an apt at the doc’s this week adn also with the cons who saw me in October. She said I could be followed in her clinic and I think I will do this for peace of mind.
Baby is a crumb and nothing more that a mass of cells dividing and sorting themselves out. I’m still using the visualisation that Zita West raves so much about, it worked for my BFP so I’m sticking to it!
I am to start taking baby aspirin as the cons told me back in oct, 75ml which I hope to pick up tonight or tomorrow.
So starting this pg off at 10lb 3 ozs and tummy circumference 31″
I am so happy and thank the Lord for giving me another chance. Ever so happy and please let it stick


BFP girls.
I did it and I can’t tell you in words how happy I am. We tested saturday morning and it came up straight awy. Obviously there was non going back to sleep for me (8.30) so I got my pg books out and started going over what pip’s up to. Not much more than a grain of rice but he/she’s damned busy sorting out cells left right and centre.
I am constantly praying that the egg was a good one, that if I get to the end of this week, I’ll set myself another hurdle and so on, until we get to 40 weeks and the birth.
We are telling the family today as they know we have been trying, they are also aware of the danger of mc, I think DP’s mum will be over the moon.
I text Kay as she text me this morning about a farmer’s market (which we did go to) but also to tell me there were another 2 BFP’s announced yesterday. I’m very happy for both and hope we walk this long road together.
Goes without saying that I am gutted for Saffronsmum
So 4+1 ladies and a very happy bunny
Photo below of DP his twin brother and wife


yeah! It worked. Please note the three boxes of Stella Artois holding the tree up.
When I moved in in Feb 05 we made a pact there and then that his bachelor days tradition of standing the tree on Stella would continue. so there it is.
Actually, I quite like it!
And the long promised photo of my Secret Santa gift, a lovely picture sent to me by Lynsey aka Aquarius Angel
big big thank you to you xx


Cd 27 13DPO
Before you go any further – I didn’t test this morning.
I woke up for a pee at 4.15 and knew that whatever way it was to go if I tested there was no way on earth I’d get back to sleep! This night weeing however is a very good sign as I only do in pg. BUT let’s not get our hopes up.
Also as my cycle changes from month to month (29 – 31) I don’t know if I should expect AF Sunday or Tuesday. The girls on the T4AB seem to agree with me on a Sunday due date.
If it was a Tues AF then very little chance of BFP showing up today. I may test tomorrow with DP but am so worried of finding a BPN that sometimes it’s nicer to stay in limbo land bliss and dream.
DP has been out on the razzle a lot recently and I have my christmas party tonight only it’s a posh affari in a top restuarant (I went for the lobster!)so I shan’t be drinking too much anyway. Just a couple of glasses of wine.
I read about Anne’s disappointment with her latest cons apt adn feel for her, I’ve asked her to write to me as there are plenty of people to talk to with a much more positive outlook than what she’s come across so far. I hope she writes me an email.
I’m going to try and upload my tree again, I sent the photos to work to try as couldn’t do it from home for some reason