Ok ladies – let me explain. I have no idea why the photos didn’t come out. I tried (as you can see a few times) but no luck. will try again tonight.
Right down to business what is it CD 26? and DPO 12 well maybe 11. Fact is I should be testing over the weekend.
Now some months my cycle is 29 days and other months it’s 31 so that could take us to Tues. Like in Italy last month it went over and I got all excited but no, it wasn’t meant to be.
I’m off out on my work doo tomorrow night and was thinking of testing but I shall just be gutted if it’s a bad outcome so I just won’t drink. Easy!
I had an interview yesterday as I know the moment I’m pg I will have to give up my job here at the Italian Tourist Board as it is full time and there is no way I’m having a baby at 40 to put him/her in a nursery school every day. I just don’t see the point.
So I’ve been on the look out for alternatives. I came across through a friend Home Inspector Training. Next year as of the 1st of June the government are bringing in a new law that everyone selling a house must get a Home Inspection kit costing around 400 – 500 quid. Of course at the mo’ there isn’t anyone trained so there are various courses to do this. It means you could earn up to 50 grand a year if you work full time or if you just want to do a bit you can earn £200 a pack. Each pack takes about 2.5 hours pluc half and hour writing up on the PC.
Anyway I passed the aptitude test with 80% which pleasantly surprised me here are some of the qu’s that I can remember
1. which is the biggest continent? Africa, Asia or Europe
2. Which is the capital of Australia?
Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra
3. Which is the largest ocean? Atlantic, pacific or Indian?
4. What’s the square of 13?
I didn’t have clue for this last one.
Anyway I’ve been accepted I now need to decide whether to fork out the £5,800 to pay for the course or not.
Tricky one. If AF turns up then I might not as don’t need it immediately. If I get a BFP then I will as if I wait for January it goes up to £7800.
the company is Hip Hip Hooray and they have a dot com website. They subsidise the other £4000 for you on the condition you work for them for 4 yrs but can buy yourself out at any time.
Here are some angels looking down on us ahhhh


A picture of our Christmas tree lit in the evening. Please note it stands on three boxes of Stella (DP’s fave lager) when I moved in certain deals had to be made regarding most decisions. I’m allowed to choose, where, how and most regarding the tree BUT it must stand on the boxes of lager…if that all it takes fine!

I can never remember what day I am in my cycle – just a minute….ah yes
CD 24 10DPO
Crikey, I’m getting there. Oh, all of my symptoms disappeared this morning, I woke to go to the loo at 5.21 (looked at clock) got all excited as this is earlier than usual so couldn’t get back to sleep.gggrrr
Anyway had time for a piece of taost as was so early so no nausea this morning. CM is pretty normal really, bobbs fine adn well I’m always tired.
One things for sure, I haven’t got anything completed at work this week, I have trawled from site to site looking for something – A SIGN!!!!
Still ahven’t found it though. I sent off for a prediction – just for the hell of it. No harm done is there? a few girls were told correctly others weren’t.
DP is out drinking tonight so I sahll be wrapping some bits up in secret from him.
On my other site patsey on the +35 started to miscarry today, she’s very early on but it’s gutting all the same after all she’s been through.
Have decided to test on Friday as I ahve the work Christmas party that evening and at least will know one way or the other (hopefully 84% I think)
Am loving my new book In the Womb – hte photos are amazing
here’s one of conception not from that book though


CD 23 9DPO
Mondays are always the hardest and this one is no exception. We unfortuantely got the miserable ol git this morning as a coach driver and it took him 2 hours to get to the embankment. I wanted to throttle him but didn’t! I am so tired and keep on rubbing my eyes and taking my glasses off adn so far I haven’tr done anything for work just forum forum forum.
have been Seriously Symptom Spotting all weekend adn this is what I’ve got so far (I know I said I wouldn’t do it this month but I cajn’t help it, it happens unconciously)
1. Fuzzy feeling
2. creamy CM
3. vivid dreams
1. very ratty
2. bloated stomach
3. itchy eyes
4. creamy CM
5. Had to get up to the loo twice during the night
6. very thirsty all the time
1. Odd tweak or twinge in uterus
2. creamy CM
3. Hot flushes
4. Tender boobs
all three days dog tired adn want to sleep all the time adn all three days quite ratty.
My hopes and DP’s are very high now which is a shame as we’ll be quite upset if it doesn’t happen, well I willbe anyway. As a precaution I didn’t drink a lot over the weekend, Fri – 1 G+T plus a couple of glasses of wine, Sat, a glass of wine Sun, a glass of wine.
I think I may test Friday morning as I have my Christmas party. AF not due to Sunday but hopefully if I am it would show up. We’ll see.
I got our tree up over the weekend and am very pleased with it also I have bought 2 books which are fantastic
Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives by Dr Deepak Chopra
adn In the Womb by Peter Tallack with some excellent photography in the womb. Amazing stuff
Speak tomorrow, xx