Oh there are some fun things to do on the T4AB board today. Just so you all know I am Happy Spirit fingers (Elf name)
Secret Santa has bought me Santa’s Boxers ie pants)
and this is the outcome for my Christmas Naughty or nice list…
You are on the The Nice List

After checking the North Pole database we found you had :

1,672 nice entries
241 naughty entries

Oh don’t you just love christmas?
As for the SS, yes I am although trying very hard not to, I saw on heppwalker’s diary that she ‘felt’ implantation and may try to contact her to see what she felt as I am intrigued. So in for a penny in for a pound, I’ve now 8/9 days to go.
I’m not going to evn think about it
OMG and have you seen how many BFP’s have been announced this past week???? amazing ont the +35 board I’m on 2 women yesterday. Brilliant news – just wish it was me :-(
MY TURN WILL COME – -mantra for December
Have added an interesting photo found on the net the latest fashion girls for Crimbo. Dresses made out of used condoms – not that us lot have many of them lying around LOL


No gym today, I decided to do some Christmas shopping and well maybe that was worst as Oxford Street is jam packed.
CD 18 today, have nothing to tell apart from the fact I don’t feel very hopeful. If I got my smiley on Sat morning and we ‘did it’ 3 times on sat will that have been enough. previous to Sat it was thurs but maybe they wouldn’t have lasted long enough. What a turmoil.
I promised myslef I wouldn’t think about it and look a tme! At least I don’t take my temps as that would truley send me over the edge of reason.
I should expect AF on the 17th this month, today is the 6th that’s 11 days to go. My god it’s goign to be a long 11 days. At least if she does show up I can celebrate Xmas with a glass or two but I would prefer not to tbh
sigh sigh

CD 17
Strange day today. Think I caused a bit of a flurry on the board with my comments on Jordan. Will I ever learn to keep them to myself?
And I have just had a look at Rachie-Mal’s heartbreaking ‘memory of alex’ web site where I have lit a candle.
On reading stories like this it does bring back my own loss so vividly and I wish I hadn’t lost her so much.
Work is incredibly boring at the moment and I am struggling to do stuff. There’s plenty if I want it’s just I can’t be bothered.
Cd 17 as it says above. I’m trying not to think about it. Of course I want it just as much as the other months but hey I have to be patient. Maybe that’s what bugged me more about the BFP congrats to Katie Price. I mean some people get all the luck don’t they?
Have been to the gym today again and managed to do level 6 on the cross trainer for 20 mins and level 9 on the bike for 10 mins a total of 300 calories burned. :-)

Oh what a weekend.
I said I wasn’t going to buy OPK’s this month as was getting far too worked up about the whole thing but I caved in on Friday evening and on trying Saturday morning I got my smiley – 2 days earlier than I expected much to the delight of my DP as he’d been on the razzle for 2 nights on the trot and wasn’t quite up to marathone bding.
However, once he got started there was no stopping him… :-) I was back to my ‘normal’ self in as much as was actually enjoying it rather than concentrating on gettting the egg so who knows??? DP is extremely proud of himself and told me he has a feeling that I will be this month.
I wish he hadn’t said that as I would prefer to not think about it if possible.
also friday night was on the PC and decided to have a quick look a tthe history and up cropped all of DP’s porn sites he checks out while I’m away in Italy. Now I can’t have a go as he’s always open and honest about it but on clicking on the page I noticed our home town came up with ladies in the area and that cheesed me off no end, so me being me, whanted to out do him so checked out some differnet sites and was amazed at what I came across. Now I’m not the prudish sort, so I checked out the male gay scene (as DP totally hates it) OMG and then I went on to check out the lesbian sites and well, I learnt a hell of a lot. I am so naive it’s pretty embarresing, anyway, not any more. How come’s I started looking at lesbain sites, becuase I found it on his history that’s how!
Had a lovely meal at Carluccio’s on Saturday night with friends, nice catch up, lovely meal and lovely bottle of wine.
Am off to the gym at lunch time. I am adding a yellow sticker to our office calendar for every day I go….

Well, I received my Secret Santa a while back and as promised I didn’t open it till last night and managed to make a right hash of it.
In my eagerness to find out I started to open the package as I was coming down the stairs, I pulled the pressie out before reaching the living room and then opened the card and the gift but could find no clue. I even posted on the site about it all upset as I had wanted to play.
Then as I’m off to bed what do I see lying on the kitchen floor? Two pink pieces of paper! DOH! What a der brain.
anyway it was the lovely Lynsey who was my secret santa and I have a beautiful signed picture by Peter P (will right proper name tonight as difficult to spell) AND… a packet of abby dust which is firmly tucked in my purse which is always with me.
A very big thank you to Lynsey and a huge big kiss X
will attach foto later