God I hate that title, it’s going to bug me till the end I suppose!
6+4 – 234 days to go
Another sick day today, and I haven’t been out of the house. I have noticed that a house nearby has had their front door open ALL morning. weirdest thing is it was all day yesterday too.
Now I could go and close it for them but they might think I’m interfering, or worse they might take my finger prints and accuse me of breaking in!
is this highly imaginative mind thanks to pg I wonder? anyway, I’m not shutting their door, I don’t even know who lives ther.
Back to pg, apart from sneezing and coughing for Britain I’m on a high today, I sahll most likely go in tomorrow as the worst is over. I have been bringing up a hell of a lot of flem probably goes back to my smoking days. I gave up nearly 4 yrs ago now.
Post on Aug 07 board today was about Stem Cells, I’ve seen more and more about it and wanted to find out if anyone has done it or is thinking of doing it but not much feedback yet.
I’m going to take some decs down today, sad moment but Christmas really has been and gone, next big day is Valentines – another of my favourites.
A photo of Christmas day all the family


Time marches on!
Yesterday SIL had her 1st apt with her GP and we had a good ol’ chat last night as her DH has left her for 5 weeks as he must go to Singapore to work. I was worried as he’s only just done 7 weeks before Xmas but now she has a beanie I think she’ll be ok.
I have booked apt’s for us both ono Monday – viability scans. She still can’t believe it’s true so maybe this will convince her!
DP won’t be coming with me, I think he would have liked to just in case there is something not quite right for us. But I have to think positive and if it is bad news…well we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
I’m at home today as I called a sickie after sneezing and couoghing all day yesterday I thought I’d look after myself a bit better and have been on the pc all day. Have done absolutely nothing. Terrible. I’d best get my finger out.
Charlie, DP’s nephew will be 6 tomorrow so must go out and post the card before last post. They have also decided to come skiing with us at the end of Jan which should be fun.
Hope this cold passes as it’s getting on my nerves now

New Year’s Day – 6 weeks
Well the most important thing to note is my sister in las has announced her BFP AND we’re only 2 days apart!!! I am over the moon as she has suffered from PCOS for years and has struggled to get where she is today. She never said but my announcements were always a bit of a slap in the face for her. She has done 5 tests which makes me smile as she didn’t believe them!
anyway, we can help each other along this trail.
I was feeling absolutely dreadful these past couple of days, the surgery called me on thursdayy to say I had an ITU and to pop by ofr the antibiotics. As the last mc was riddlked with ITU’s I automatically thought it was the start of the end AGAIN. I started taking the pills and noticed a change in my discharge which was also like last time (pale yellow later with streaks of brown) so naturally I freaked out even more and made an apt at the doc’s.
After googling ‘amoxicillin’ I found out that vag discharge was one of the side effects adn this calmed me down somewhat but what has calmed me down totally is Wendy’s announcement as I finally feel as if I have someone to share this with and our dates ares so close together. Add that to the fact that our other halves are twins…well, isn’t that the biggest coincidence ever??
happy happy days
We hasd a NYE dinner at ours, we did a meal for 10 and it worked well. K has given me the details of Kent Medical Imaging where you can pay £50 for a vialbility scan and I am going to book one tomorrow just to put my mind at rest for a bit. I think Wendy maybe joining me on this one as she too is so scared as it was all so unexpected.
Bye for now – my christmas tree