Today is the day my 2nd AF would be due
I am 1 fifth of the way through now
Tomorrow I have the 1st apt with MW which will be a case of filling in forms. I shall be very interested to see if it’s the same woman as last time who when I told her my sympotms brushed them off with an ‘oh that’s Ok, don’t worry so much’ …yeah thanks for that!
And then I have the second viability scan on thurs which I’m really looking forward to but not at the same time IYKWIM? Two girls have been on the Aug 07 board over the weekend and announced their losses which never fails to put the eejee beejies up me. At the last scan I saw an empty sack (scary) as 10 days will have passed I’m hoping to find soemthing positive but am very much aware of the possibility of a mmc.
Saturday saw our T4AB meet up at Old Orleans in Lakeside and what great fun I had! It was a nervous start, but I was lucky as had come along with Mikaela. I was so impressed with the journeys some had made to attend and am very grateful. We talked about everything, work, holidays, other halves, children and current situations and I am sure we could have gone on for so much longer only 3 hours had passed and no one had noticed.
I would thouroughly recommend a meet up to all women as it’s lovely to put a face to a name and it’s a great way of meeting new people.
Hi girls!!!
Last night I woke at 3.30 for a night wee adn on wiping saw EWCM with a hint of light brown. Naturally I freaked out and couldn’t get back to sleep as was panicking and testing my boonbs to see if they were still sore. It hasn’t happened again but it did happen yesterday after our walk along the beach from Westgate to Margate. I have no cramping and have been feeling very sick this morning so fingers crossed it’s nothing. Just very very worrying.
Over the weekend they have ‘done work’ on our pc’s and we are now connected to the head office server in Rome rather than BT Connect. I have ‘lost’ all of my files and can’t do a thing, trouble is I can’t stay on BW all day as someone over there might pick up on it (Very BB).
anyway, off to see if I can find something to do
Here’s my photo of the meet up with the girls you can see Lisa, Chloe, Mikaela and Claire and in front, Chelby, Jayne and Sharon (I’m writing these byb memory so hope I get them right!


Haven’t written for a couple of days as have been busy at work adn I keep forgetting (pg porridge brain?)
Firstly I would like to send huge hugs to Sara (mum2babies) who posted her loss yesterday on the Aug 07 board. It shocked me and left me tired and worried for the rest of the day. I did wnat to post on the abord to see if others felt the same but decided not to as it could be quite upsetting.
Heppwalker – I have everything crossed for you for your BFP and I am thinking of you today on Rosanne’s EDD. May the day pass smoothly for you xx
Laala – hope that spotting has cleared up and I pray it’s nothing to worry about. Hard work this pg business!
I seem to have calmed down a bit now since the last scan, well I have repsyched myself up that everything will be Ok. I do a lot of talking to myself and manage to convince myself it’s all goign to be fine and then when I see a post like Sara’s I crumble.
anyway, am tired and goign to bed at 10.00, I had an awful job poohing yesterday which is a good sign adn I have started my day with muesli today!! I have spots along my hairline which is weird. I very rarely suffer from spots so notice them immediately, they last quite a while too – what a wierd place to appear though? just wondering if it’s baby’s way of copying my hairline??
I do get occasional twinges which put the eeje beejies up me adn I have to force myself to calm down again.
Poor DP has now been on a bd ban for a month. He is marvellous and doesn’t moan, occasionally he’ll brush my breast and I glare at him (they are so tender) he’ll attempt to kiss me and get passionate and I turn my head away (I feel so sick) I wish we could make love but even if I want to I know deep down I am so scared of something happening that I will not let myself.
I know whilst I’m in bed he’ll watch some ‘grot’ on the TV (we have Telewest) adn relieve himself which is so sad, at the moment I can’t even contemplate doing what any of you are thinking as I know I’ll just come over nauseous adn it’ll be a disaster so DP is relegated to NOTHING.
Lots of cuddles and hugs though.
nearly 8 weeks now since LMP, on Monday it would have been my 2nd period due date. Another milestone to pass.
I’m really looking forwarad to meeting everyone at Lakeside this Saturday, K is picking me up around 12.20, so girl’s day out. Can’t wait to meet all these new faces.
Have a great weekend everyone, Mari xx

or 6 weeks according to scan woman pah!
I am feeling so much better today, as Abbie said it all seems so much worse at night.
I watched ER last night, during the end of the last episode back in June I had to run into the bathroom as I passed a huge clot I must have been about 15 weeks then. We spent the evening in A&E and learnt that I was having a threatened abortion. Weird thing how I managed to carry that pg on to 22 weeks but 1 day.
I cried as Abby (ER) delivered her baby by c section, I was getting angry with her as she wanted to do it her way instead of listening to the docs and I was gutted she had to have a hysterectomy. Big episode last night.

I slept really well and had a lovely dream before waking. A young lad ‘turned up’ in my scene he was wearing the strangest clothes, a pair of tartan trousers (Punk rocker kind) and a brown jumper with plastic triangles sewn all over to look like a dinosaur effect! A good looking lad with a happy expression (I think beanie’s a him) A bit like a time traveller without the tardis, he strolled in completely unaware of how late he was and I noticed his shoes were like black pointed ballerinas, I said to Tommy (my DS) Oh no, he’s gay! to which he replied, ‘No mum he’s just wearing funny shoes’ which I suppose if you’re a time traveller is easily done.
I didn’t say to him directly but mutterd as I woke up straight after, do you know I paid 50 quid to see you yesterday and you turn up now? Strange thing is I don’t think he’s bothered at all.
I think he plays the guitar as well – maybe we can do X factor together?
Feeling much better adn looking forward to next week when I WILL see him.
Thanks K for popping onto my post, very much appreciated. BTW – any news on the Lakeside meet this weekend and shall we car share?

I’m back from my first scan and I’m feeling quite low tbh. Although I probably shouldn’t.
I went first even though I did offer Wendy 1st place I htink she was too nervous to take it.
I told the sonographer of my history adn my obvious need to hear some good news…
She found a gestational sack straight away but it looked empty. She dated it at 6 weeks which scared me, I know my LMP was the 19th Nov how can that change, does this mean that conception took place later than we thought?
I had the bright idea of asking her, ‘So if it was a mmc that’s what it would look like?’ – to which she replied honestly ‘yes’. why do I do this to myself?
She found a cyst on one of the ovaries and I told her there was one last time too but she stopped me saying this was a positive sign as it meant I had released an egg. Thank Gawd for that!
She also identified a small bleeding inside the sack area on the wall and mentioned it could possibly be some implantation bleeding so if I was to have a brown discharge that’s what it would most likely be.
I am so confused. I was hoping to come home with just someone who said they saw a heartbeat but I didn’t get that and she has asked us to return next week as she thinks we’re too early to be detected. We’ve booked for Thurs 18th 12.00
Wendy was chuffed with her scan, she saw the gest. sack and a yolk sack in it too. She now thinks she may be pregnant! She is also coming back with me for another scan as the sono grapher also put her at 6 weeks.
I went to see my gp this moprning as he’s been away since I found out, he was happy for us adn I asked him for a copy of the consultants letter sent to him after our apt in Oct.
When I saw her she told me to start taking aspirin the minute I found out I was pg, when I asked at the hospital back in December the camounity midwives told me not to (conflicting info) so I asked Dr Maulvi this morning and after reading her letter he told me to start straight away. Reading from her letter she states… the patient will start herself on low dose aspirin, which seems to have a role in cases of early placenta separation.
She advises me to do a nuchal translucency scan at 11 – 13 weeks (age factor) and from 14 weeks on a serial cervical scan and a HVS (?) every 4 weeks.
I see the mw on Tues hopefully she will ba able to calm me some as today I’m feeling very agitated. Say I’m not pg after all? keeps going through my mind. And..what if the baby has already died?
Maybe it was better in the old days when there were no scans and women just got on with their lives.
HOpefully I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow.
Mari x

6+6 soooo slllooowwwwwwww…..
What a pig awful day it is! I think it’s rained since we got up this morning. Mind you that’s not such a bad thing as I have been ever so lazy!
Wendy (SIL)is worrying herself silly bless her, she called me yesterday to say when she wiped she had a pink spot so I popped in to see her after work and we had a good chat and she seemed to be much better, this morning I called her and the same has happened again but she seems a lot more relaxed about it. Please God all will be OK. We were saying last night if one of us should lose the baby it would be incredibly difficult for the other as out EDD’s are so close (me 26/8 her 28/8)not only that there would be a reminder for the rest of our lives in the remaining child. Anyway hopefully it’s just a nasty scare and we’re just being paranoid.
In fact I told her of the images of blood I keep getting, I’m sure this is linked to fear and the loss of Elize but my God it’s unnerving.
Vag Dis is still not spot on, I shall be asking the doc on MOnday to check it and hopefully do a swab, I am so worried about something happening after last time that I shall ask them to check and re check everything.
MOnday is scan day, I feel quite responsible for Wendy too as her DH is in Singapore for 5 weeks, I mentioned the worst case scenario which freaked her out a bit as she hadn’t realised they sometimes find empty sacks. Anyway, we talked and I said it was only a possibility to keep at the back of her mind. Poor girl is probably frantic with worry now. I just thought it’s better to be aware sometimes.
DP won’t be coming with us on MOnday, I think he secxretly feels a bit left out and has already told work that should something be worng he’ll be leaving early. Deep down I don’t think this will be necessary but you just never know do you?
I spoke to DD today who told me her bro (DS)had fallen over last night whacked his head and his dad had to take him to A&E at 4 in the morning to get him 6 stiches! (Bet that went down like a ton of bricks) I did the mum thing and asked if he’d been drinking (well that was my 1st thought) and she said he was actually fine on the alco test. Mmmmm
Anyway I called him and he’s fine, in bed and sounded really sleepy tbh. He’s been stitched up since the day he was born and now must look something like a patchwork quilt, I worry about him, talk about accident prone.
Anyway we’re taking Charlie 6 yrs, DP’s nephew to see Flushed Away tomorrow for a birthday treat – I’m really looking forrward to it and so is Wendy who’s coming along too!
Have a great Sunday everyone
Here’s a pic ofg my DS this Xmas