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If you are like me when you choose to give a gift you like to give something a little bit different to the normal products that can be found everywhere. A gift that someone will notice because it is unusual and of course they will enjoy for that simple reason. I have been on the hunt for a website full of great gift ideas.

Great gift ideas

It’s not an easy job finding something a little different from usual, it can take long searches on internet, word of mouth or pot luck so when UncommonGoods got in touch and asked me to take a look at their site I was very pleased to discover a whole new world of excellent gift ideas. And a whole lot of products that I would love for my home too.

We know that there’s a story behind every product. It’s that of an emerging designer just introducing her work to the world; artisans working collaboratively in a low income country; or a seasoned artist crafting each of his pieces by hand. With your help, we’re building a community of passionate people who love our products and connect with the stories behind them. We’re growing not only our artist family, but also a strong following of customers who celebrate artists and delight in surrounding themselves with creative design.

Anniversary gifts

Our 4th anniversary is coming up in March and my husband is really good (surprisingly) at making the most wonderful presents. I took a look at the products UncommonGoods list to give as anniversary presents and I was pleasantly surprised at the vast selection from a wide price range to suit all pockets.

UncommonGoodsI love this print by Rachel Kroh, I love that there is also a bio to read up about Rachel and discover her background. This makes the product that little bit more special for me. It would be perfect for our caravan in Thanet

great gift ideas

Another idea that would be perfect for Paul and I as he drinks beer and I like a glass of wine. I love how they have been personalised.

Birthday gifts

great gift ideas

Then I had a peek at the fabulous birthday gifts and the first one I fell in love with was the Birthstone Wishing Ball, a crystal ball that looks beautiful on the desktop and is filled with wishes inserted into it via a tiny hole in the base…Each shimmering ball of hand-blown glass comes with 52 tiny slips of paper for you to pause once a week throughout the year and record a message of hope or gratitude. Coil them up and tuck them in the tiny hole near the base and they become a permanent part of the display.

great gift ideasThis Beer Cap display would make an excellent present for my husband and one I’m keeping bookmarked.

Home Decor

Lastly, I took a look at the home decor section – always a favourite of mine. I was thrilled to see lots of items for the home like candles, key holders and doormats, each item with something a little bit different, a little bit more personal and hopefully more exciting to receive.

UncommonGoodsOne product that really made me smile was this cloud toilet paper holder, a real cool addition to a bathroom.

Take a look for yourself, but be warned you may lose hours on there.

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with UncommonGoods all opinions are my own.


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