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Aldi kitchen gadgetsHow many times have you remarked at a friend’s house, ‘What a lovely ….’ only to hear them say, very pleased with themselves, ‘It’s from Aldi Special Buys, only £x and just what I was looking for.’

And you know that if you go into Aldi that very same day they will have run out of that fabulous product?

How many times?

It happens to me all the time and I love our local Aldi. I also love their special buys that can be absolutely anything on the market, from thermal ski socks to garden solar lights, anything. My grandmother is a huge fan too and is a lot quicker off the mark than me, she swears by the milk frother she bought and of course no one else in the family has managed to get one.

For that very reason readers I am giving you an Aldi Special Buys head’s up way in advance but do not sit on your laurels because we all know these products are going to fly off the shelves the minute shoppers see them.

Aldi knives and toaster

This time I can boast of being very fortunate as Aldi have sent some products from their latest range of kitchen gadgets to review and to spread the word so you guys don’t miss out. (Don’t say I never do anything for you!)

Please admire my fabulous kettle and toaster, made by the brand, Russell Hobbs. A lovely red colour that adds a punch of energy to our kitchen in our ‘new-to-us’ static caravan we have recently purchased at Birchington in Thanet – that’s a whole separate post to follow!

We ventured down on Friday, my birthday, as we were planning to eat a celebration meal at Minnis Bay and we wanted to use the occasion to take our 4 bikes down, something we can only do when the girls aren’t with us as we need to put the back seats down.

man in a box

Whilst husband busied himself with bikes and garden storage boxes, I unpacked my new shiny kitchen products and put them in their places, I felt very pleased with them.

Both the kettle and the toaster can be bought for only £14.99 which is gobsmacking amazing value for electrical goods.

Aldi had been kind enough to add a few extras for me to show you, like the set of kitchen knives (£7.99) these stackable storage canisters (£5.99) and a lovely set of tea towels, of which you can never have too many right? (£3.49)

Aldi kettle

I have been shown their press release which includes a Russell Hobbs Grind and Brew coffee machine for only £69.99 and a Russell Hobbs microwave for only £44.99.

There is a wonderful range of products and each piece is priced at a very reasonable, unmissable price but as you all know …

when it’s gone it’s gone!

So be warned this Special Buys sale is available in store from 5th May – that’s this Thursday, put a note on your calendar ;)



  1. Diana
    May 5, 2016 / 11:38 AM

    We don’t even have an Aldi near us *sad face emoji* I love these red accessories, and really love the storage canisters. Hope you had a great birthday. x

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