Sightsavers A Million Miracles #SeeTheMiracle

I’d like you to close your eyes in a minute and when you get the urge to open them to see what’s around you, resist. I want you to dive into the world of someone who cannot see for a brief moment and understand what it is like, or what you think it is like. No seeing the faces of your loved ones, no watching the autumn display her jewelled beauty for you, no enjoying your favourite TV program and think about walking, washing, dressing, just for one moment.

It must be a nightmare mustn’t it? My nan has had cataracts and had them operated so she can see perfectly now but it does worry me that one day I may have them too.

Mr Winesi

Madalitso examines Winesi


I want to introduce you to Mr Winesi he has bilateral cataracts and has been totally blind for two years. He’s never seen his grandson Luca and can’t remember what his wife Namaleta looks like. Becasue of his condition he hasn’t been able to work and provide for his family, in a few months their food stores will run out and they will go hungry.

The thing is, a 5 minute operation that costs £30 could solve his sight and in doing so he could go back to work and save his family from famine.

Please read what Mr Winesi’s touching thoughts on Thinly Spread

A Million Miracles #SeeTheMiracle

Sightsavers launch today their ambitious appeal A Million Miracles to raise £30 million in order to deliver 1 million cataract operations in some of the poorest parts of the world.

The ‘Million Miracles’ launch event is an innovative, live digital storytelling event that will, via LIVE Google Hangouts from Malawi, Africa and traditional media & other social media channels, take the global audience on an emotional and inspiring journey.

Join us on the 8th October at 1.30 UK time as one of the few cataract surgeons in Malawi delivers the 5 minute life-changing operation. Hosted by UK YouTuber star Doug Armstong you’ll meet the Mr Winesi, and all the health worker heroes delivering this vital work.

Then join us on the 9th October at 1.30 UK time as we removed the bandages and Mr Winesi can see for the very first time. He will be able to see his wonderful wife, and hold and see his grandson Luca for the very first time.

Dr Gerald Msukwa


Malawi has just 1 eye surgeon for every 4.25 million people and Dr Gerald, who is performing the surgery on Mr Winesi, is the only paediatric surgeon in the whole of Malawi.

Image credit: ©RachelPalmer/FieldcraftStudios/Sightsavers



  1. October 1, 2014 / 11:53 AM

    Thank you so much for adding your voice to this campaign Mari. That £30 can make such an immediate difference and allow people to regain their independence and their income, SO vital!

  2. October 2, 2014 / 8:09 PM

    Lovely post, Mari. Thanks so much for taking the time to highlight our campaign. It’s really appreciated. Wonderful to have you on board. Thanks for spreading the word! Liz and the Fieldcraft team.

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