Chicken bacon and stilton pie

chicken bacon and stilton pie

I was really pleased with the outcome of this pie which has evolved from the chicken bacon and stilton roulades I made but never got round to posting. *adds to To Do list*

The pie was extremely tasty I would say, I cooked the meat in the slow cooker and I used ready to roll puff pastry which I’d taken out of the fridge a good half an hour before rolling so it came to room temperature. 

This pie dish was one I found in Sainsburys last year and it’s very big as it has a tall edge, in fact the pastry is rolled over at the top rather than come flush to the edge.

I used Stilton but any blue cheese will do plus simply omit it if you want a less punchy taste or add some Cheddar? I also played around with my Schwartz spices I was sent a while back and I was really pleased with the overall taste, if you don’t have all of these spices, just use what you’ve got, here is my chicken bacon and stilton pie.

chicken bacon and stilton pie mix



  1. It looks delicious, and I love the way that you personalised it with your family name!

  2. Yum Mari, this looks so delicious. My hub wants to start taking lunches to work, so something like this would be ideal to have for dinner and then he could take leftovers for lunch too. A slow cooker is definitely top of my birthday wish list :) x

  3. I have never thought of making the pie filling in a slow cooker before adding the pastry! What an excellent idea Mari as I am completely reliant on my slow cooker these days.

  4. That looks delicious. I’ve bookmarked it as a dinner for one night next week. Thanks for sharing x

  5. My Other Half is a huge fan of Stilton, he’d love this!

  6. ooh could do this with quorn

  7. Ooooh, I’m not a Stilton fan, but my hubby would LOVE this!


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