Saving energy at home – time for a Hive.

hive logoI’m sure you’ll agree that technology is changing our lives and simplifying it, making life easier and creating more fun time. Our phones now take photos, they allow us to connect online and we can read newspapers or even watch the news on them. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s a fast changing industry and every day new gadgets and apps are appearing.

So one that allows saving energy at home and saves you money at the same time should be perfect, right?

Let me introduce you to Hive, set up in 2012 by British Gas with the mission of revolutionising the way we control our homes. They put their collective thinking caps on and came up with some pretty cool products and services to help us sync our homes with our lives.

hive devices

Hive active heating

This little treasure allows you to control your heating and water remotely via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Here’s what I read on their website,

When you buy Hive Active Heating™ the kit is professionally installed alongside your existing heating system by a British Gas engineer. Then you can start controlling your heating and hot water on whatever device you choose. And there’s no need to switch your energy supplier.

 The Hive Active Heating kit including installation is £199 but it’s also available without installation for £159

From your device you can decide whether to turn the heating up or down or you can switch it off altogether or switch it back on, this can be done from wherever you are, on the train, in the pub, even on holiday. By using this app you can save hundreds of pounds on wasted energy and keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Hive schedule

The three main ways you can use Hive to help reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home are

  1. Lowering the temperature you use to heat your home by 1 C can cut cost of heating by 10% or £65 a year
  2. Heat the home for less time by turning your heating off or down when you are asleep or your home is empty.
  3. Turn your heating system off when it’s not needed. Hive Active Heating will automatically come on to protect your pipes from freezing.

What’s included?

If you decide to go ahead and invest in this product you will receive a thermostat to manually use at home, a Hub that fits into your router and can be controlled remotely, a receiver which will sit lose to your boiler and of course the most important bit the app which is both for Android and iPhone

Disclosure: this is a partnered post with Hive

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