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There’s a new monthly magazine on the shelves this month aimed at little girls aged 4 – 7 called Blossom and I’m really excited about it as I think my twins are going to LOVE it. In fact I’ll probably have to buy them a copy each to hold the peace and wouldn’t that be a sign of a good magazine?

Each monthly edition has an age appropriate gift attached and is packed with activities including arts, cookery and craft.

It’s the perfect tool to encourage their reading as there are so many interesting things to do and all sorts of written material to attract all kinds of passions, from ballet dancing to bug hunting and from learning to play football to speaking French. Each feature is designed to support the seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum.

I was supposed to go to the launch but had a twin down with the dreaded virus and had to miss out but they sent me a video of the day to get an idea of what happened, check out the artists drawing, fascinating how they create so easily!

Writing competition for girls

The February edition also has a very exciting writing competition in conjunction with World Book Day encouraging young readers to write a story with their own words and ideas.

The winning entry will be published in the magazine and illustrated by the Blossom artist as well as receiving hard copies for friends and family.

The winner will also receive a visit to their school or nursery from the hugely successful Princess Poppy author, Janey Louise Jones; they will also receive a bundle of books for them and their school library from Random House and a special keepsake bound version of their story. 

Andrea Turton, Blossom editor, says: “We’re hoping that little ones will be inspired to pick up a pencil and write an imaginative story that will entertain our readers! The story could take the Blossom Girls anywhere, doing anything – the possibilities are endless!” 

The entries should be a maximum of 500 words and feature the four Blossom Girls characters – Lily, Rose, Daisy and Violet – who appear in each issue of the magazine. The winning entry will be by judged by a panel of industry experts for its imagination and creativity.  

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Janey Louise Jones, author of the Princess Poppy books, says: “It was always my dream as a little girl to be a writer, so I am really pleased to be involved with Blossom Magazine in their search for a young story-teller. I would loved to have had a story illustrated and published at such a young age and I’m sure the competition will be a source of inspiration for budding writers everywhere… dreams can come true!”

 Janey Lousie Jones was present at the launch event I missed but I had a planned question to ask her, ‘My daughter Alice has shown a love of writing and has started to write her own stories on scraps of paper, how can I encourage her to continue?’ You can listen to her reply on this soundcloud

The competition is open from 5th February to 8th March 2014, full details can be found in Blossom Magazine issue 10 (on sale 5th Feb).  

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