Philips Disney SoftPals – no more scared of the dark

Ever since a Light and Dark experiment at school which required wearing pyjamas to school, drinking hot chocolate and all sorts of other fantastic activities, the girls have also decided after 5+ years they are now – scared of the dark.

Philips Disney SoftPals

Never happened ONCE before. Now they are scared. We have taken to leaving on the baby monitor night light which had been wrapped in a box for years.

Then Philips got in touch and asked us if we’d like to receive a couple of their new Philips Disney SoftPals the range includes Minnie and Mickie Mouse and Sully and Mike stars of Monster Inc. #NotSoScary

PERFECT solution, so I immediately replied yes please.

We tried them out the first night and were amazingly easy to set up. There is a base which is plugged into the mains, the SoftPal is placed on the base and there’s a small button to switch on. Your SoftPal sits there a while to charge up and then with a simple movement of the SoftPal it lights up and casts a soft friendly glow and again a simple movement of the device will turn the light off, yes you can imagine the fun can’t you? On, off, on, off giggle, giggle.

Philips disney softPals

The SoftPal will charge and stay on for 6 hours and creates a really warm glow in the room.

The girls wanted to take their SoftPals into class for Show and Tell and apparently they were a great hit with the kids, and they came home in need of a good charge where they’d been moved to glow and turn off all day.

A glance online has shown prices ranging from £22 – £30 depending on the model and who’s selling.

BritMums #NotSoScary hangout – Thurs 13th Feb 10.30am

If, like me, you have children who are afraid of the dark you may be interested to know that BritMums is holding a hangout next week with Philips Lighting and their collaboration with Disney. Psychologist, sleep expert, author and mother of four Chireal Shallows of the Baby Sleep Clinic will be with us. Chireal will be sharing her expertise on the best bedtime rituals along with a couple of bloggers who are joining the discussion, watch out for it on BritMums TV


  1. Lovely idea. My son has the same ‘issue’. Are you girls fans of the Monster movie? I like the idea of the light but I’m not sure about having a monster figure, dunno. How is it working for you and your girls?

    • The girls love Monster Inc and as Mike and Sulley are such ‘friendly’ monsters they are working well for us. We light them every night and haven’t had bad dreams for at least 3 nights now so for the moment they get the thumbs up from me


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