English Breakfast quiche – family meal

English breakfast quiche   I went a bit mad shopping before Christmas, well not totally mad but cocktail sausages must have been on my mind as I stacked the freezer with them.

Admittedly they are all different tastes, like Cumberland, or lamb ones plus the usual pork ones too.

So when I was sorting out my freezer and came across more cocktail sausages I knew exactly what I’d do, an English Breakfast quiche, after all think sausage, eggs and bacon and what comes to mind? An English Breakfast, right?

It has been the perfect lunchtime snack this week and the girls have nibbled a bit after school too. Dad will happily polish off a slice when he gets in famished after his day at work too.

My usual ratio for a quiche is 2 eggs – 300ml milk, sometimes I may add some yogurt (natural) or some cream if it needs finishing off too. Adapt as to whatever you find in your fridge and remember this makes a perfect family meal which can be frozen too.    




  1. That sounds brilliant! Wonder if it would work with bratwurst?!? :D


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