Feeding squirrels in Danson park

danson park

We’ve had some pretty bad weather this Christmas holiday sometimes being stuck indoors all day or going out only to go back indoors in a supermarket, shopping centre or house.

So when we had one good day predicted we decided to make the most of it and pulling on our boots and getting the monkey nuts from the cupboard we set off to Danson Park in Bexley.

squirrel danson park

It’s only 15 minutes up the A2 for us but I often forget about it being there so I was very grateful for one of my twin mums putting forward the suggestion for a meet up.

danson park

There’s something about the crisp winter air that puts colour in everyone’s cheeks and the beautiful sunshine did us proud shining constantly in a brilliant blue sky, that alone was enough to put the smiles on our faces.

squirrel feeding

Of course the recent bad weather meant that the squirrels were VERY hungry, I’ve never seen them so bold, coming to our hands to collect the nuts at some points. It also meant the ground was waterlogged and very muddy. 

danson park playtime

Danson Park is an enormous green space with a boating lake, restaurant and a fantastic play are for children to play in too.

danson park play area

The fields stretch for miles and in the summer there are water fountains for the children to play in and plenty of areas to eat a picnic. There’s also an annual festival which has even seen the likes of Rowetta … you know Rowetta from the X Factor? No? I can’t remember her either but if Wikipedia says it then it’s good enough for me.

A well worth visit at any time of the year and if you do go, take some bread with you for the hungry ducks and geese on the lake too.

I’m linking up with Country Kids and apologies for the time and date on my photos – new camera and only just sussed out how to take it off! I suppose at least you know I wasn’t lying, we really did go there this week ;)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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