New year … new car?

Cue song ‘Oh wouldn’t that be lovely.’

New year approaching fast and notoriously it’s time to start thinking ahead, I am wondering if your plans include updating your car too? Husband spends hours online looking for cars, he’d like something with a bit more torque than the car we currently have and he’d also like a 4 wheel drive; all this to tow his beloved caravan quicker, safer and spending less money on fuel.

Please find a fun infographic below pondering the question what car would Santa go for if his sleigh was to break down but everyone knows his sleigh works solely on people believing in Christmas, so if we all believe, his sleigh will work.

So I’ll have a look for myself then and dream of my new motor …. Xmas Infographic

2 comments to New year … new car?

  • That HAS to rank as the nicest infographic I have ever seen. VERY festive and I love the tongue in cheek “mince pies not included” LOL.
    In case this is my last visit to your blog in 2013, I want to wish you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas. Hope to see you in 2014.

  • Yes, I definitely would like a new car please Santa… Nothing wrong with mine, but it would be nice to have a change. If I am really good, can I have that big Volvo?? :D

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