Top tips for creating canvas collage ideas

I was looking through my photos the other day and it occurred to me that we’ve done some really great things together as a family in 2013, holidays, days’ out, fun in the snow and lots, lots more. The trouble with me is that unless I do something with those photos they will all remain on a hard drive, which is good but I will hardly ever go back and look at them because time is what it is and of course I shall be snapping lots of new memories.

I remember years ago making collages out of my favourite photos on one large clip frame and enjoying it for years, the only downside was each photo was glued and possibly cut in the process so once tired of my frame that was the end of that photo too.

Atrium Canvas got in touch with me and proposed some canvas collage ideas as a review.

Firstly I loved the idea of collecting all my photos in one place that I could easily be taken back to that beautiful moment, secondly it seemed like a brilliant idea for a gift for Dad who is always difficult to buy for and the one who says, don’t bother getting me anything this year. But I do want to bother and I want him to open something that will make him smile. One sure way of accomplishing that is his girls and his holidays.

So I started on what was to be quite a long job, in fact it took me so long that I drew up a list of tips so that it would be a lot easier for you because had I known this before I started it would have been a LOT quicker.

Atrium canvas collage 

I chose the Atrium Canvas Collage ” 24 x 24″ frame and that allows 77 images and costs £44.99

Top Tips for creating a canvas collage

  • Create a folder in your photo archive and add all of your favourite photos throughout the year.
  • Choose four of your favourite images for the larger areas as these will gain initial interest. 
  • Tidy up each image as you go so it is central to the space.
  • Choose 3 horizontal images for the ‘double horizontal space’ drag and drop and square up for the maximum effect
  • Choose 3 vertical images for the ‘double vertical space’, drag and drop and line up for the best position.
  • Sort your images into main colour areas – ie blue for swimming pool shots, white for snow, green for fields and so on
  • Add your images to the collage one main colour at a time to ensure an even balance
  • Add a couple of black and white shots to break up all the colour
  • Check each single image for positioning and edit where necessary
  • Change the border colour if desired 
  • Press order

It can be time consuming which is why it’s a good idea to organise before starting but I am sure that Dad will really enjoy this gift for the whole year to come

Disclosure: Atrium Canvas have covered the costs for this canvas collage for the purpose of this review.


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