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Did anyone else get a ‘Furby Boom’ on their children’s Christmas wish lists?

We did and I had to look it up. I discovered that Furby has been around since 1996 and is an electronic robotic toy. They arrive in your home speaking Furbish and slowly they will start to speak English to you. Here’s a useful list of some Furbish phrases and words I found.

  • wee-tah-kah-loo-loo: Tell me a joke.
  • wee-tah-kah-wee-loo: Tell me a story.
  • wee-tee-kah-wah-tee: Sing me a song.
  • u-nye-loo-lay-doo?: Do you want to play?
  • u-nye-ay-tay-doo?: Are you hungry?
  • u-nye-boh-doo?: How are you?
  • u-nye-way-loh-nee-way: Go to sleep now.
  • u-nye-noh-lah: Show me a dance.

Furbies may say these Furbish words:

  • doo?: What? (Furbies say this when called)
  • doo-dah: Yes. (Furbies say this in response to a command before doing it.)
  • boo: No. (Furbies say this when they do not want to carry out a command.)
  • yoo?: Why will you not play with me today? (This usually means the Furby is upset.)

September 2012 saw the revival with 16 new colours and this year Furbies were one of the eleven toys named top toys for Christmas 2013 by the Toy Retailers Association at the DreamToys Convention.

Furby Boom reviewWhat’s new with the Furby Boom?

Hasbro have doubled the content and have now made Furby Boom app interactive. Each Furby Boom will have virtual furblings to unlock and take care of.

The owners will go on a digital adventure as they raise, care for and play games with their Furby and virtual playmates.


  • Build Your Virtual Furby Furblings City
  • Collect, hatch and raise virtual Furblings to fill your city in the free Furby Boom app, and try to get the golden Furblings egg
  • Play games together using the free Furby Boom app
  • Take care of your Furby Boom with the app and give your Furby Boom virtual food, check-ups, showers and more!
  • Give your Furby Boom a name which it will remember
  • Furby Boom has more than twice as many possible responses as the previous Furby, and how you treat Furby Boom will shape its personality.

Now that last bit catches my eye – how you treat Furby Boom will shape it’s personality – this will make for an interesting play as I watch the girls react to their Furby over the coming months.

Important info

Furbies are indicated for children aged 6 and above

The Furby Boom app is NOT required for Furby Boom play.

You will need 4 x AA batteries to play and they are NOT included.

Furby Boom has an RRP of £59.99 but a little hunting online can throw up some excellent bargains.

Furby Boom


Disclosure: We have been sent a Furby Boom for the purpose of this review. I’m putting it aside for the twins to find under the tree from Santa. It seems to me that another child will be joining our family and I’ll get back to you on how we get on with her.

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