#TeamNigella – Don’t kick a dog when it’s down

Nigella Kitchen bookIt will never cease to amaze me how spiteful people can be. Especially when it comes to couples separating.

I’ve been watching the Nigella Lawson saga and rooting for that woman ever since I saw photos of her sad face and her husband’s hands around her throat back in the summer.

‘Leave him!’ I advised her. ‘Get out of that misery!’ I urged from the comfort of my happy home. But with a divorce behind me I know it’s not that simple and there are a myriad of emotions at play when a couple break up and try to move on.

In any separation, friends and family will ‘take sides’ as is inevitable and you closely become aware of who is on your ‘side’ but if you are a celebrity like the lovely Nigella then your washing is at the disposition of the World Press, everyone will rake through your intimate secrets and hang them out to dry for everyone to see because apparently they have a ‘right’ to do so.

So we were told she snorted some coke – big deal, so has half of London and so what? Her life, her body and she wasn’t hurting anyone. There is worse out there people are we really going to drag her through the mud for that? 

This is completely my opinion as I don’t know Nigella or Mr Saatchi personally but having seen snaps of her wearing a burka in the sea a couple of years ago (odd?) and the strangling shot this summer my guess is she’s in a controlling and violent relationship. She managed to leave and that alone is no mean feat but the consequences are she has ‘upset’ him and he now wants to destroy her with his money and his power. He wants her to believe that she is nothing without him.

Well guess what Mr Saatchi, I don’t agree.

I imagine Nigella is a warm, loving and incredibly inspirational person. It really doesn’t bother me at all if she’s smoked a joint or snorted some cocaine, I couldn’t care less. What I do care about is this woman getting her life and her identity back and finding her feet again after years of abuse from a bully.

So I have treated myself to a copy of her book Kitchen and I shall be making some of her recipes for my family and letting you know how I got on with them.

Good luck Nigella, you are not alone x


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    totally agree and although i was shocked thast she admitted to the coke, as you say good on her for getting out of that relationship and i wish i looked like her – her body is to die for! I have 3 of her cookbooks this one is great isn’t it? x

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      So many celebs do sniff coke though so I wasn’t shocked in all honesty, I just hope it is recreational and not a ‘problem’. You’re right she is totally gorgeous and her recipes are mind blowing, this is my first Nigella book (I know, I know) it won’t be my last though :)

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    Love Nigellla and just feel terribly sorry for her. The irony of journalists having a go at her for (fairly mild) drug use wasn’t lost on me, as if no journalist ever has done class A’s…

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      Ha ha! You’re right of course they’re all sniffed up to the top of their brains but such is our media culture – kick ’em when they’re down – for a good story. It stinks so I thought I’d speak up for once rather than mutter alone in my kitchen :)

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    What somebody does in the privacy of their own home is up to them. By the way, I love that book, it has so many brilliant recipes in it! :)

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      So I am discovering (the book that is) As for what people do, It’s such a huge world and we are all so very different. Each to their own I say, I just hope it never becomes a problem for her or she can walk away as it doesn’t ‘give’ anything back.

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    I hate, hate, hate this type of journalism. They big you and then knock you down.It’s like everything she stood for means nothing.Go Nigella!

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    Great post. Whilst I don’t agree that taking cocaine means no harm done I agree that you are right and loads of people do it. I don’t even really know much about it all because it’s her life and I don’t really take notice of celebrity relationships. I DO however, know what it is like to escape from a domestic violence relationship and so do applaud her for that.

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      Whoa, I am not endorsing the use of cocaine just merely mentioning that hundreds/ thousands out there do, their choice not mine.
      Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? I was affected by those two images shown in the press and have been ‘worried’ for her since.
      I am pleased she has broken away because as you say it takes enormous strength and courage to do so, I hope she continues to stay away and I hope he leaves her alone and moves on.
      Cheers to Nigella

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    I have to admit I was surprised when she admitted to coke use but I have to agree that I think much like you; it would seem that the relationship was abusive, from what we have seen in the news, etc, and I’m absolutely #TeamNigella she seems like a lovely woman and I wish her the best.

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