Santa’s grotto – Shorne Country Park

Santa at Shorne Country Park

Mummy why is he wearing a green suit?

If I hadn’t have bought the twins raffle tickets for the school Christmas fayre I most likely would never have known about this fantastic local experience but I did buy all ten of their tickets as the money goes back to the school and I got a phone call this week informing me we had won a prize!

Our prize was two tickets to visit Santa’s Grotto at our local Shorne Country Park. For those of you not from our area Shorne is a beautiful village just up the road from us, it is my ideal village to live in, country pub, small local school, local post office and shop plus the most amazing country park which we have visited and talked about on here many a time.

When I read the letter it said open from 12 pm till 3pm present the letter at the shop and all would be explained.

On presentation of our letter we were handed a clipboard each and instructed that Santa’s reindeers had wandered off in the woods, Santa needed to know they were all there and safe, could we go and check please?

 Santa's Grotto Shorne Country Park

Off we went, the twins were perfectly capable of following the green arrows and discovering the reindeers by themselves. It was fantastic to hear them squealing with delight ‘I can see one!’ as they spotted the next one. It was lovely to watch them write the name of the found reindeer next to the corresponding number on their clipboard.

 Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

The path follows the shortest of the walking trails through the woods and conveniently passes by the park where we stopped for a good play before discovering our final three reindeer.

Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

The final reindeer, no 20, of course is Rudolph with a lovely, shiny red nose and then it’s back to the visitor centre where a lovely lady is waiting with a table and crafting bits to make your own reindeer.

Shorne Country Park - Sant's Grotto

The girls loved it and our reindeer are sitting proudly in the front room as I type.

Reindeer completed we moved on to Santa’s grotto, an elf asked us to wait whilst Santa finished with the children that arrived before us and then it was out turn. We entered and Santa sat surrounded by twinkling lights, teddy bears and bales of hay.

The girls were dumbstruck and I had to help them with their answers to the big guy and when he asked what they’d like to receive for Christmas they BOTH came up with new ideas forgetting what had been written on their lists!!!

How was Santa to know that? He said good choice I’ll make sure to put them in my sack.

So now I have to hunt down a Snow White doll and a 2 wheel scooter. 

Our verdict – GENIUS, brilliant. Fresh air, a great ‘treasure trail’ to follow and fabulous gifts from Santa, both girls came away with Julia Donaldson books.

Price per child £5

Also watch out for the Winter Holiday Activity Trail, £2.50 per activity sheet, follow the clues, answer the questions and complete the trail to receive a prize

One thing Santa, the girls at home later asked why you were wearing a green suit, we told them your red one was probably in the wash so please don’t forget the red one on the 24th just in case they open their eyes ;)

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