Monster stories – children’s book review

barefoot books - monster seriesI can’t tell you how impressed I am with the girls’ reading, I had no idea when they started in reception last year they would be one year later picking up their own books and reading them on their own.

What’s even nicer to watch is, it is a pastime they enjoy.

We had to accompany daddy in the car the other weekend to take his bike to be serviced and both Alice and Bessie picked up a Dr Seuss book to read in the car with no prompting from me.

Reading and writing is one of the biggest gifts you can give your child and we have read to the girls since the moment they could listen starting with the hardback books and moving on to stories of all kinds.

It’s no secret that we love Barefoot Books in our house and we’ve recently been sent some more books through to review which we are very pleased to share with you.

Rona Long-Teeth 

This is a story from Tahiti retold by Fran Parnell. The Monster series is especially designed for Early Readers, the vocabulary has been carefully chosen to create short simple sentences. All of the books in the series have exciting story lines. The story goes

Hina’s mother Rona Long-Teeth takes good care of her. But when the moon is
full, Rona eats the juiciest-looking humans she can find. When Hina learns the
truth, she teams up with her neighbour Monoi to stop her monster mother’s
people-eating ways.

This happened to be the first book that Bessie picked up on her return from school and seeing the new books on the table. I was amazed and #proudmumalert really pleased to see her start reading by herself and tucked up on the sofa she worked her way through the best part of the book before teatime. The book has two large flaps either end which doubled up perfectly as a bookmark which pleased Bessie no end as she was worried she’d lose her place.

Although the tale may sound scary (it’s a Monster series) it’s beautifully illustrated and there’s a thread of goodness running through that obviously comes out triumphant. 

Grim, Grunt and Grizzle-Tail

The last of the six books in the Barefoot Books Monster series. This is a story from Chile also retold by Fran Parnell. We read this one together all three of us snuggled on the sofa and I loved it.

One day, a frustrated king flies into a rage and turns his mischievous daughters
into oranges. The gruesome monsters Grim and Grunt decide they’d like to get
their hands on the princesses, and bully their little brother, Grizzle-Tail, into
stealing the girls. Who will rescue the princesses from the monsters’ clutches?

 We chatted about the book after reading it and talked about the emotions you feel as you read, there is disbelief, anger, there is hope and loyalty, there is love and kindness. There are also useful pointers to watch out for the spiteful people around us and know how to deal with them.

The books provided us with lots to talk about and think about. 

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Disclosure: We were sent copies of the above mentioned books for the purpose of this review

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