The Snowman and Snowdog stationary gifts

snowman and snowdog stationeryWhat Christmas would it be without The Snowman and The Snowdog?

They are huge favourites in our house and we have watched the film a zillion times together snuggled up under a blanket. We also have a furry Snowdog with his colourful sock ears and tail, he’s been a close friend of Alice’s since he arrived.

Back at the Christmas Toy Fair in July I was really pleased to see a whole line of Snowman and Snowdog stationary.

One gift I received as a child every year without fail in my Christmas stocking was stationary and it was custom in our house to start writing our Thank You notes during the Christmas holidays and have them all done and sent off by the time we went back to school.

Plus with the girls at school now and avidly learning to read and write we can’t get enough of pens and paper.

I’ve been sent some gorgeous products to show you and we’ll start off with the

Letter to Santa Pack

snowman letter to santa pack

This is a great gift for the run up to Christmas, if you organise an advent calendar with To Do tasks as a daily challenge, this could be the perfect one for the first week of December.

The Letter to Santa Pack contains 4 letters to Santa, with lots of room for a long list of wishes, a line to sign your name and a starting ‘Dear Santa’ line. The letter folds up on itself and can be closed with one of the stickers from the sticker sheet included. 

Also included are 4 mini colouring pencils, a pencil to write with and a Stop Here Santa sign which can be coloured in on the back.

The pack comes in Snowman and Snowdog packaging with a cutout Snowman door hanger to hang on the bedroom door stating ‘Santa I’m in here!’

Writing Set

snowman writing set

A lovely writing set with 10 sheets of writing paper, 10 sheets in the form of Snowdog, 10 envelopes and lots of lovely stickers to seal them with.

Pencil Case

snowman pencil case

A gorgeous pencil case made out of what look slik ethe stuff they use for wet suits. It has the Snowdog printed on one side and the Snowman printed on the other.

Multi colour pen

Writing just got more exciting with multi colours to choose from. Which child doesn’t like a multi coloured pen? This one has the usual flip down colours around the top and a Snowdog dangler off the top too.

Well I know my girls are going to love these products so I’m putting them away in a cupboard as they are perfect stocking fillers and I’ll leave you with this image that makes me smile every time I see it.

snowman flying


  1. Yep, we Father Christmas liked to make sure we were well prepared for thank you letter writing in our house too! Love the Snowman stuff, so sweet! :)

  2. Aww! We love The Snowman and Snowdog….I didn’t know they did the stationary….It’s so cute!

  3. i love this idea, my kids love the snowman!



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