Do we take grandparents for granted?

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Mums know it’s far from easy to get a moment to yourself every now and again – never mind whilst holding down a job! Working mums can often be heard complaining about the cost of childcare – paying for someone to look after the little ones whilst parents are busy at work can really eat into the family budget.

There are plenty of articles about how expensive raising children can be – childcare and babysitting costs are on the rise, which is why many parents turn to the grandparents to help out and try and keep some money back in the family purse.

This infographic by RIAS shows that the amount of grandparents looking after the kids is rising – it’s accompanied by some interesting data collected by Consumer Intelligence which, worryingly, reports that 1 in 10 grandparents are facing debt thanks to getting their purses and wallets out whilst looking after the little ones.

Do you rely on the grandparents to help out with childcare?

grandparents and childcare

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