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A few weeks ago I took part in a Radio Day, I have been meaning to tell you about it but something always gets in the way.

I was invited up to London by Bosch DIY as they had carried out a recent survey across the nation to discover where women stood in the face of DIY. 

After all, we like to flick through catalogues and magazines and get a ‘vision’ of how we’d like our homes to look, I am always doing this.

They, Bosch DIY discovered that women today feel more at ease doing everyday DIY and are now looking out for new projects, it’s not about standard DIY anymore but creating something from scratch and feeling proud of your creation.

I’m seeing this more and more as my Facebook timeline fills with mums, daughters, sisters and friends showing off their latest creation and inspiring their friends to do the same.

What used to be predominantly the man’s domain is now a free for all, 3/4 of women would prefer to undertake a job themselves and save the ‘handyman’ money to spend on something else.

Do you agree?

Once this survey had been sent out to the regular channels it was then added to various time slots on radio stations up and down the country, my role was to talk about my feelings towards DIY in my home which are pretty much, if it saves Paul time at the weekends to spend with the family, I don’t mind having a go myself.

I walked into the studio nervous, I have never done anything similar before and I had zero training other than being good at talking. The first people I spoke to were from BBC Lancashire and Sally and Brett put me at my ease immediately laughing and joking about women getting hold of power drills, an excellent team. Then over to Heart Essex – almost home – Chris and Su were also brilliant and I had a great laugh with them. Sue said she’d like pink tools to work with and was stunned to hear that you can get a Bosch drill blinged with Swarowski!

There were a couple who were tough on me, almost accusing me of wanting to be the man in the house – eek no!!!! and another guy who cut me off as I had mentioned Bosch twice in one sentence – needless to say that only happened once and I guess he was having a really bad day as it was pre recorded so he could have cut that bit out.

You can listen to me on the radio stations in the sound box below. I spent most of the day chatting away in a sound booth from Guernsey to Somerset and from Wolverhampton back to Kent, an amazing experience. 

The final shows were

1.       Heart Essex

2.       BBC Radio Kent

3.       BBC Radio Humberside

4.       BBC Radio Lancashire

5.       WCR Wolverhampton

6.       SFM Kent

As a thank you for my efforts Bosch sent me a power drill of my very own, a BOSCH IXO Gourmet. What’s so gourmet I hear you ask, well not only does it screw and drill stuff (totes a DIY tech word) but it has two fabulous attachments, a corkscrew and a grinder. Can you imagine unscrewing a bottle of your best with your power tool this Christmas? Or grinding pepper over pasta at a dinner party?

Bosch IXO Gourmet


‘Darling, I’ll just put a picture up and then I’ll open some wine for us.’

Brilliant idea and thank you to the lovely men in the studio who put me at my ease, for Jodie from Lucre for holding my hand the whole way through and to Bosch for a wonderful experience and a fabulous gift which I don’t have to disclose as it wasn’t expected at all.

…and so to start with my first project ;)


  1. November 7, 2013 / 9:57 AM

    I think it’s incredibly important for women to know how to use power tools and do basic maintenance. It’s always surprised me that drills don’t have instructions, as if we’re all just supposed to know.

  2. November 7, 2013 / 2:53 PM

    My Husband seriously thinks this sort of stuff is men’s work but it’s very frustrating as I have to wait or pester him into doing it now! Wish I could just do it myself. As for pink tools why not..they are all so manly looking. Love your gift, never seen anything like that x

  3. November 7, 2013 / 10:25 PM

    You know, I don’t do any DIY…I think I need to MAN UP and get into it!

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