Sabbiarelli: sand painting craft kits for kids

sabbiarelli sand painting kit


When an email from Italy pops up in my inbox, I cannot help but say yes to it as I adore the country and love everything about Italy.

The email enquired if I would like to do a review on sand painting craft kits for kids? The Sabbiarelli kits have recently been placed on Amazon UK and they want to reach the British market with this brilliant craft idea which is 100% Italian.

The colours are bright and appeal to little people and the pre-cut boards are simple but effective designs and the sand is contained in pencil like tubes making it easy for little hands to manipulate and dispense. Think Paint by Numbers kind of craft but using coloured sands instead.


sabbiarelli sand painting kit

The sand pens can also be regulated to let more or less sand out when being used to avoid wasting any and the sands can be mixed to create wild shiny new ideas, there is a practical tray included in the kit to avoid filling your home with grains of sand.

sabbiarelli sand painting kit

Children can use their fingers to spread the colours or hold the handy pen depending on how they are more comfortable.

Each pre cut part of the board has a transparent cover to remove to allow the ‘colouring in’ process and also helps avoid spillage into other areas encouraging the child to concentrate on one area at a time.

sabbiarelli sand painting kit

My girls loved the crafting and they enjoyed making their ‘own’ designs which now proudly hang in the bedroom.

If you buy a Sabbiarelli home kit by 31.10.13 you will receive the Halloween special album free, the kit costs £29 and is available at Amazon

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Disclosure: We were sent a Sabbierelli Kit for the purpose of this review


  1. says

    Ooo lovely! Kitty did sand painting once and loved it – she still has the picture on her bedroom wall now! I forgot how much she enjoyed it – I’ll look into the Sabbiarelli one for her for Christmas – thanks Mari x

  2. says

    What a great alternative to all of the usual crafting materials, Sausage would love this I think, she’s mad about art and loves exploring new media to work with.

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