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      I will admit to being disappointed this year. NONE of my broccoli worked, just acted as a massive hotel to every white butterfly in the area. I refuse to try brassica next year. Carrots are small and wiggly – going to have to Google that one! Leeks very skinny and tomatoes all green! Back to the drawing board for me next year but fun trying :)

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      It looks much better than it is and I didn’t show you the massive tub of broccoli I had to throw away :(
      I think they call it a learning curve, right? :D

  1. Downs Side Up says

    I spent the afternoon planting and harvesting too. Put in leeks and spring greens and purple sprouting and onion sets and harvested chillis and leeks and onions. All my toms are green and orange too though. Thinking chutney…?

  2. simonecas says

    No luck with broccoli either, they keep coming back but it’s bug party central. I have north facing garden so it’s a challenge to find the right spot. Doing well with salad, apples and blackberries.

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