Pressurised steam generator irons Morphy Richards #review

Power steam elite morphy richards


Morphy Richards are constantly upgrading their range of products for the home that go into making our lives so much easier, you may remember a while back I reviewed their Brita Filter kettle and both the husband and I are still really pleased with it.

Well this time they sent me one of their Pressurised Steam Generator irons to try out and review and boy am I impressed!

I used to have something similar when I lived in Italy but not half as good looking as this one. I would fill the tank via a screw top and wait for the water to reach the right pressure before starting my ironing. It was heavy, difficult to store but it did do a damn good job.

Morphy Richards have taken all these factors into account and come up with, in my eyes an excellent product.

It looks good and isn’t as half as heavy and cumbersome as the one I was using 20 years ago. It is also compact making it much easier to store away when not in use and it’s light to carry around.

It is very simple to use; the front compartment comes away and can be carried to the sink to fill to the max line via an opening on the top. A clip down top will make sure no water is spilt on your return. Click the compartment into place and plug in to the mains.

Power steam elite morphy richards

Press the power button and you will hear a gurgling sound as the generator brings the water in the tank up to 4.5 bar pressure.

The light on the iron goes out indicating you are ready to iron and off you go, pressing the steam button on the handle as you go.

Between ‘runs’ the iron sits nicely in a rubber-like section on top to stop it slipping and to hold it in place avoiding any mishaps.

Power steam elite morphy richards

There are three steam settings to choose from so when you come across a dried out cotton shirt that looks impossible, power up your steam and glide like a monster over those bad boy creases.

As I had been at my mums for a few days and left a pile of ironing to do, it was naturally very dry when I attacked it on my return but the Power Steam Elite had no trouble ironing out the creases and bringing the clothes back to perfection.

Power steam elite morphy richards

This little lot took me about an hour and I’m really impressed with how beautifully smart it is all looking now.

Thanks Morphy Richards you’ve made a tiresome job all the much easier now. RRP £299.99

Power steam elite morphy richards

Disclosure: Morphy Richards sent me their Purple Power Steam Elite to review and I love it. The tank is still half full after an hour’s ironing

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  1. August 17, 2013 / 8:48 AM

    Our iron has just broken and we are on the lookout for a new one.. As a family of 6 this sounds ideal that it holds all that water too!

    Now did you fancy popping around with it? I have the new school uniform that needs doing?

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