Some kitchen love with a new oven


When we first viewed the house it was obvious where we would need to spend time and money to make the place reflect us as a family, we bought on the understanding that one day my husband would allow me to knock down walls and move the kitchen allowing a beautiful view onto the garden from the main living room.

In fact last summer he offered me the possibility of my dream kitchen… or a wedding. I couldn’t have both, so we got married. Project shelved for another few years whilst we save up again!

However on first view there was a fabulous oven in the kitchen, a 90cm one that stood under the same sized hood and I thought, ‘Yep, I can live with that.’

Can you imagine my disappointment days before moving, in I noticed they’d taken the oven with them?

In a quick frenzy we managed to get the 60cm oven from the house we moved out of and would ‘make do’ for now.

That was three years ago. The oven has worked well but was an eyesight with the bins shoved down the side.

When Argos asked me to review a piece from their white goods range, I leapt at the chance of a new oven and here ladies and gentlemen it is – Ta-Dah!

oven Argos

What do you think? I’ve still got to take the stickers off but it’s a massive improvement esthetically isn’t it, but how does it perform?

Well, very well indeed, I have roasted a chicken – I served it with home made coleslaw and new potatoes coated with a mustard and mayonnaise coating.

I baked a cake with yoghurt and raspberries that was really quite something and husband has used the grill for an All Day Breakfast one weekend. He was impressed with the grill but said the pan is VERY large and may have been better designed smaller so less heavy and more functional. Luckily I kept the smaller pan from the old oven.

On a side note, I had to put my old but perfectly functional old oven out for the iron man as British Heart Foundation couldn’t take it as it has windows in the door! Such a shame as it worked very well indeed.

On another side note, I had to get a plumber in to connect it all up and that cost £80 an expense worth taking into consideration when buying a new oven.

Oh and another side note, a huge thank you to the Argos delivery men who were punctual, incredibly helpful and on a very tight schedule, they told me not only had they been sworn at by customers that day but had another 15 drops to complete and it was already 16.30. Good on you guys and well done for an excellent service.

Now I just have to keep on top of the oven cleaning. I wish it would stay looking like that forever don’t you?

oven Bush Argos

Disclosure: Argos asked me to choose an oven to review from their range in return for this post, this BUSH one was in the sale and reduced from £499 to £349. We love it but could do with a smaller grill pan. Thank you Argos!


  1. August 5, 2013 / 8:45 AM

    Oh wow you lucky lucky thing! My oven is now 10 years old & I keep worrying that it’s going to pack in right in the middle of a baking challenge! I lust after a shiny oven….

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