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beach huts westgate on sea

When I saw Tara’s prompt on Friday I wished I could have been in Dublin or London or a place where there are some really exciting doors but I was at the beach and of course there are lines and lines of beach huts along the promenade, each one decorated to reflect the owner’s personality.

I love looking at them and secretly wishing one was mine, I love to walk past them and peek inside. Beach hut owners go to great lengths to add a bit of ‘fun and home to make their day at the beach that little bit more special.

I haven’t yet managed to spot the Italians outside there’s yet, I wonder if they have an espresso machine in there?

beach huts

Along the other walk in the opposite direction are the council owned beach huts which can be rented for varying lengths of time. They may look the same on the outside but on a busy day when all the doors are open the insides once again different. Some with bunting, some with gas fired cookers, shelves, kettles, pictures on the walls and signs lots of ‘Beach Hut’ signs.

My last door photo for you isn’t new and It’s not even of the whole door but it is a very special door indeed. An exciting door, which hides a secret room in central London where you can eat chocolate until your heart is content.

choccywoccydoodah secret room

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