End of reception year – school report

going to school‘We break up, we break down, we don’t care if the school falls down …’ do kids still sing that song these days? It was hollered at the top of our voices as we left the school building for the final time in the school year but maybe it’s more of a senior school thing to do?

We break up on Wednesday and I can say that the twins have thoroughly enjoyed their first year at school, they settled in easily and the decision to keep them together has worked wonders, we were also allowed to mention a few friends names to add to the same class and as they had such a great little group started at pre-school the mums decided to request to continue these little friendships and we have watched from the sidelines as the friendships grew stronger and bonds were made.

I am stunned at how much they have learnt this past year, their reading is amazing and the teacher mentioned that the class is above average and has gelled really well at the last parent’s evening.

This term started with each child writing something they’d like to work towards this term, Alice said she’d like to swim without armbands

alice star wish

Bessie said she’d like to ride her bike without stabilisers

bessies' star wish

For the record they are still both ‘work in progress.’

This caught my eye in the class – the hot seat.

Bessie tells me that when you sit in the hot seat you pretend you are a character from the book the class is reading, when it was her turn she had to pretend to be a duck and had to quack a lot. Alice had to pretend to be a cow when it was her turn.

hot seat

We were also told at half term that term 6 would be focusing on transport, they covered all sorts of transport including packing suitcases for holidays and they also covered rockets and planets too.



The water  transport also extended to explor ‘commotion in the ocean’

ocean art work

When we pick them up from class we can see their little outside play area and they have planted flowers, potatoes and made bird seed feeders too. I thought Superworm came into discussion during talks about that but on asking the girls I discover that Superworm saves the world!



The twins loved their teacher and their teaching assistant; they have blossomed under their instruction this first year and it will be sad to have to move on but it’s been confirmed we’re moving out of Badgers and into Koalas.

The school reports tell of two happy, smiley girls that socialise well and get on with everyone. They listen, they learn and are a great part of the class. We are over the moon with that and long may it continue!

As for homework over the holidays, practise number bonds and reading and that’s about it, let them relax and enjoy themselves, the beauty of having girls is they like to write, they love to read and they enjoy counting and number games so it really shouldn’t be too hard for us.


  1. its always great to see snippets into our childrens school lives, well done to your girls sounds like they really enjoy school, maybe this summer you can work on them achievments in the stars – so cute!

  2. Aww what a brilliant school year, looks like they’ve had lots of fun and really learned a lot too. Hope they have a brilliant second year too!

  3. Aww looks like they’ve had a fab school year! Well done to them!! x

  4. How lovely, my son starts school this September and I hope his (my) experience is as wonderful as yours x


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