The secret of the river

Sandy Balls - River Avon

Some places are for staying quiet girls.

If you listen hard enough you can hear the wings of the fairies beating. You can hear the elves singing whilst they collect acorns for the long winter ahead.

You can hear the swans chatting as they gather materials for their nests.

Watch the river how it dances in and out of the rocks and obstacles? The fish are swimming deep down close to the mud looking for food for their hungry tummies.

If you’re really very quiet you might spot an otter playing in the stream.

You must be still and quiet and patient.


I’m entering this into the 100 word challenge #100WCGU, the prompt is a photo I took on a trip to Sandy balls in the New Forest last year. A real beauty spot that the girls adored and was perfect for firing up the imagination.

Head over to Julia’s Place to read what other bloggers have come up with or better still join in with us?


  1. Lovely and thank you for the wonderful picture prompt this week.

  2. That’s beautiful, Mari x

  3. Great that you can make them keep quiet and really listen to nature. Thanks for the inspiring photo.

  4. Beautiful words and the photo is just gorgeous – really sparks the imagination :)

  5. Lovely! And how nice is that picture. Reminds me of Anne of Green Gables for some reason.


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