The one where I thought Bessie may have fractured her arm

great patientI always, as far as I can, walk the girls to school, only torrential downpours prevent us.

The school run home is a different matter, both of them are tired, neither of them want to walk and I can do without the moaning. This is where our Mini Micro scooters have come in to their own as the girls will happily scoot all the way home as I briskly walk (don’t do running) behind them.

They are good; they’ve learnt to stop and wait for me to catch up when a road needs crossing, they take it in turns as to who scoots off first, there is a little bit of arguing but nothing ‘The Look’ can’t sort out and they are mindful of other pedestrians most of the time. I do have to yell out after them sometimes.

“Alice/Bessie! Let The Lady Pass First!!!”

So after almost a year at school it’s habit and last Thursday’s journey home was no different until something happened and Bessie came off. I’m not sure how but she landed awkwardly on her arm and the decibles coming from her signified it was definitely worse than a normal bump or graze. I hugged her and she held onto her limb and yelped like a trodden on puppy not allowing me to go anywhere near The Arm, tears streaming down her face.

I found myself carrying 2 book bags, 2 packed lunch bags, 2 water bottles, 2 pond jellies in plastic cups – the afternoon’s work of art, 2 raincoats as it was hot AND a scooter plus trying to console Bessie, who wanted to be carried and convince her it was only a short way to our home (a lie we were only half way)

We made it home and she curled up on the sofa and fell asleep whimpering every now and then.

I did the ‘wiggle your fingers’ test and the move your arm up and down test and although she was clearly in pain, I didn’t think anything was broken. Doctor Mari decided – just a nasty bump that hopefully a bit of ice cream for tea would sort out.

Changing her into pyjamas was a nightmare, we had to do The Arm first and the rest afterwards and I gave her some Calpol to soften the pain she was still in.

Once they were asleep, I started to worry, as you do.

Was I missing something? How the heck do I know if it’s fractured or worse broken?

Was she being a drama queen? We’re all quite good at that in this family.

I put my question to Facebook which is a fantastic resource for this kind of question, loads of mums who have experience or know someone, or something that can help. Anyway the overall advice was get it checked out, so we did. After dropping Alice off at school the next morning we shot over to our local hospital and strolled into A&E.

We were VERY lucky, we were seen too almost immediately, the X Ray centre wasn’t packed to the hilt and we were in Asda’s doing a bit of shopping – more ice cream! by 10.30. Not bad.

Verdict: Just a nasty knock, no fractures or breaks. (Told you so)

Bessie was very scared at going into hospital but she coped amazingly well and afterwards I interviewed her take a look :)

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