Our wedding on DVD – no groaning it’s fantastic

Why don’t you come round for dinner one Saturday and we can all watch our wedding DVD together?

Does a statement like that make your heart sink and your smile go all weird to whoever’s just asked? “Yeah, that’d be lovely.’ You lie through your false grin.

Who in their right mind wants to spend a Saturday evening watching a DVD of someone else’s wedding where you only appear once maybe twice on the whole thing? Dull dull dull.

BUT what about if the videographer was really clever?

Oliver Kiell at work - Focus 1 Media
photo courtesy of Jay Mountford photography


What if he broke the whole day up into chapters that were easily accessible with the remote?

What if he made it so easy to flip back and forth through that the footage that it was interesting and a fun evening after all?

What if he went round your guests and asked them to film a message for you to watch later? We have some poignant (mum), some hilarious and some very drunken attempts at saying ‘Congratulations!’

Below is a chapter from our DVD made by Oliver Kiell from Focus 1 Media, it’s the highlights of the day so an overall feel and a quick reminder of how gorgeous that day was without boring my guests too much.


Marianne & Paul Wedding Reel from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.


From the brides point of view I would say invest in this service as you will have the most brilliant memory of your special day. Trust me the day will fly by so quickly before you know it you’ll be saying goodbyes and worse still you won’t have managed to talk to everyone properly. Too many people, not enough time.

The video shows people laughing, joking, it picks up the sweet moments, the tender ones and the bits that made you laugh. I’m so happy to see so many happy faces there, looks like they all had a lot of fun I can relive my day with this DVD and the girls love it too!

Oliver was at the venue before me, he’d taken a look around the place to get a feel of how he was going to work, he’d looked at where the ceremony was to be held, where I would be getting ready and all the other tiny parts that go into making up your day The Best Ever.

The Focus 1 Media wedding DVD is presented in a sturdy, engraved box and the DVD itself is broken up into sections of the day.

One last word, remember once the day is over, it’s gone. All you have to remind you are the photos and if you’re clever a DVD. I’m so happy I had Jay Mountford and Oliver Kiell that day and cannot thank them enough for their fabulous work

Focus 1 Media wedding DVD


  1. Ollie Kiell says

    Hey Marianne! and Paul too! and the little ladies! I had a fab time at your wedding, so many happy smiling faces!!! Im glad you liked the video! It was a pleasure being part of your big day! Ollie – Focus 1 Media

  2. Jay M says

    AHWWWWWW I loved watching this. And I’d like to vouch for the fact that Ollie is BRILLIANT to work with, hope it happens again soon.

    Mari? I blummin loved your day. LOVED. IT. xxxx


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