30 years onwards – How I’ve changed #SpecialK30

Marianne Whooley1983Now let’s see if I can remember first of all! 1983…. now that would have made me the fabulous age of 17.

Good God 17!!!

Funnily enough I sent a birthday card out last week that kind of describes where I am now,

‘I remember when rock was young’

said the first bit then nice hand drawn picture, look further down the card

‘..but I can’t remember what I came upstairs for.’

That did make me laugh, hope the recipient found it funny too, you never know with people these days do you? I have met a couple of people in my life who are terrified with each birthday coming round as it means one more year. I’m not bothered by it, any chance to crack open a bottle of bubbly is good for me.


I started the year as a sweet 16, although my mother may have something to say about that. I was at St John’s RC school studying hard for my O levels which incidentally I got 8 of them but failed maths which I never could get into my skull.

I was going out with Tony, my first love. He rode a motorbike which petrified my mother but of course I thought was so goddamn cool, who listens to mothers anyway at 16?

marianne school

I listened to mainstream music like The Police, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, dance music like Earth Wind and Fire, Level 42 and I had a passion for soul and Motown.

I had a Saturday job as a cashier at our local Safeway supermarket and I would work extra evenings and over the holidays too. I didn’t save one penny of my earnings but I did pay for my driving lessons which at the time were £10 an hour.

I loved to watch Top of The Pops, Miami Vice, The A Team. I was a huge Starsky and Hutch fan and of course Dallas and Dynasty.

I remember Marathon bars and Opal fruits.

marathon baropalfruits_

I remember when 10p would get you a bag full of sweets from the newsagent including Black Jacks, Flying Saucers, Refreshers, Bonbons and Space Dust.

I started smoking.

I entered pubs pretending to be 18.

I wore make up all the time I had a huge interest in fashion which has never left me and I permed my dead straight hair!

My weekly reading material was Smash Hits and Jackie.

On my bedroom wall were posters of Richard Gere, Tom Cruise  and the Duran boys *sigh*

smash hits and Jackie

I had my sights set high in life, I believed I could have it all and I wanted it all. I was going to have a very successful career and then start a family around 30 or so.

Mobile phones were only seen in films

mobile phone

I would have paid my life’s savings to have a boob job but er.. I didn’t have any life’s savings.


I never had the boob job and today I wouldn’t waste my money either. I had my first child at 21 and there was no padded shoulder career for me.

Today, my hair is dead straight with the odd grey hair. It’s long and needs cutting.

I have to watch what I eat these days which is a real bummer and I’m very careful about my skin. I have wrinkles!!!

I hardly ever wear make up but I still love fashion, I just don’t spend ALL my money on it anymore.

Can’t remember the last time I saw music live, unless it was someone singing karaoke in a pub I happened to be in.

5 generations photo Jay Mountford

I am mother to 4 children, 2 are grown up and have families of their own making me a grandma twice over – so much for having kids at 30! The photo above shows our five generations.

I have been married twice, I celebrated recently

wedding photo 1st dance

I stopped smoking 10 years ago and have never looked back since.

I love wine, chocolate  – maybe a little bit too much and when I get the time reading. I watch television of an evening to unwind and recently I enjoyed Broadchurch, I LOVED Spooks, I’ll watch any program selling houses and doing them up.

I love to cook, I love needlework and I love my family above all else.


This is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge” Special K have revamped their recipe for the first time in 30 years, have you tried it yet? I didn’t have to eat it 30 years ago but now I am more careful I tried it I can say it gets the thumbs up from me.

special K30

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