Micro Scooter Accessories – bling bling!


micro scooters

Alice not happy as her scooter hasn’t been blinged yet.

We’ve had our micro scooters for about a year now and the girls are super fast whizzers on them. I take them to pick them up from school as usually they are tired and therefore start moaning

‘I don’t want to walk mummy.’

‘My legs are tired, mummy.’ with tears streaming down their little faces. *raises eyebrows*

BUT turn up with a micro scooter and the world is a wonderful place to be in, on they jump (outside the school gates as we’re banned from scooting inside them) and off they scoot with me running along behind as fast as I can to catch up. Carrying two book bags, two lunch bags, two water bottles around my neck and frequently two works of precious art to get home safely, like these poisonous apples for instance

poisonous apples

The girls are good, they know the rules. Get to the road and stop and wait for mummy – this is to allow me to catch up with them and catch my breath of course!

The journey home from school is a gay one until Alice tries to overtake her sister, then Bessie will start moaning very loudly and trying her best to scoot past her or worse block her overtaking as both want to be in front.

YES, we have cause for argument even on our scooters.

Micro Scooters got in touch with us before the Easter holidays, ‘Have a look at our scooter accessories, fancy blinging up your machines?’

They sent through these lovely mini micro bags which clip on very easily to the front and are currently used to collect flowers in.

micro scooter mini bags

Then we had  a neon pink mini belle to ping to warn pedestrians we are whizzing through.

The girls adored the bunny Scoobits which wrap around the front pole, you can add as many as you like

micro scooter accessories

Personally the wheel whizzers do it for me

micro scooter wheel whizzers

And finally we all gasped when we opened the Bedazzles. Oh the fun the girls had. One wet, grey, cold day over Easter we opened it all up and I set them free to bling their machines as they wished and these are the happy contented smiles and this is the result.

micro scooters bling

Look at those happy faces!

micro scooters instagram shot

Pretty cool eh? Which is their new word too. Cool shirt your wearing mummy!


  1. April 18, 2013 / 4:24 PM

    My girls would be soo jealous, such fab goodies. They love their micro scooters and we even brought the purple bedazzles for Rosie as its her fave colour :-) x

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