Heggie’s of Hereford – beef hampers

Heggie's of Hereford hamperHave you ever thought of ordering your meat online?

No, I hadn’t either until a PR got in touch and asked if I’d like to give it a go. I took a look at the Heggie’s of Hereford website he was promoting and after a good while I noticed I was still on the site, flicking through pages at all the fabulous products so I said yes and sat back and waited.

Heggie’s call themselves the Home of Hereford beef so it seemed like a good idea to go with their beef hamper although Heggie’s packed a hamper especially for me, which I imagine is like ordering products from their menu.

My hamper arrived very swiftly, it was neatly contained and packed with a freezer block to keep the meat cool during transit. My first tip to any tempted to follow suit, is make sure you have some room in your freezer as there is no way you can eat all of this stuff fresh. Currently in my freezer are 2 sirloin steaks, 2 filet steaks and a beef joint, however I passed the first choice over to the Mr of the house as he is Heggie’s perfect reviewer, a lover of meat, all things meat.

For his first meal he chose the Heggies individual steak pies, he warmed them up in the oven and served them boiled new potatoes, beans, carrots and lashings of gravy.

His verdict: Good, packed with good sized meat chunks in a lovely sauce but maybe a bit small for me. (He does eat like a wolf!)

My verdict: Delicious, each pie has a small cut out pastry heart on top, the portion for me was ample. The filling was delicious and very meaty. I’d buy them again for sure.

Heggie's of Hereford Pies

The Mr’s second choice the following day, which happened to be a Saturday, was an all day breakfast using the sausages and bacon that had been sent in our pack. It’s Paul’s job to prepare the Full English in our house, he just barks orders at me to ‘Put the sauces on the table’ ‘Make the tea’ and so on. We had the breakfast sausages, a couple of the Spicy Spanish chorizo sausages and the bacon which is the BEST bacon I have ever tasted. Being used to supermarket quality, the Heggie’s bacon blew us away, so much tastier and a much thicker rash, I was very sad to it eaten up. PS that’s the Mr’s dishing up skills below and above ;)

Heggie's full English breakfast

Next up I used the remainder of the spicy chorizo sausages in my Spanish pork and chorizo casserole and the result was delicious. They added the right kick to make a plain Jane stew into a feisty ‘Can I have seconds’ meal.

spanish pork and chorizo slow cooked casserole

So I’m saving the fillet steaks for a special meal which will most likely be a Friday, end of the week treat and the sirloin steaks I need to get the right timings for a medium rare steak, any ideas on how many minutes?

Disclosure: Heggie’s of Hereford sent me the hamper of meat for the purpose of this review and I’d thoroughly recommend their service. Delicious meat and top quality service

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