Family staying over and leaving stuff behind

Rapunzel shoes and other bitsWow, can you hear that silence in the house?

Everyone is out and I am here alone whereas at the weekend I had nine people under my roof for 3 nights. Can you imagine how the place is looking? Trashed doesn’t come close to a description; my washing basket is overflowing, there are toys in every angle of the house and my vacuum cleaner has been emptied and re-emptied.

Oh but the fun we had, the laughter, the stories we told, the dreams and ambitions we shared and the big heavy tears that fell on departure.

I have been taking one room at a time and going through it methodically tidying up. Of course every tidy brings forth objects forgotten as they’d slipped under the bed, were at the back of a draw, had been taken into a different part of the house and so on. Objects that are important to the owners, a second sock, a pair of Rapunzel’s ‘clippety cloppety shoes’, a toothbrush, a face cream, a jumper and a beautiful scarf that was lost in the mass of coats, scarves, hats and gloves of 9 people sharing a space.

Thank god for the Post Office! I can collect all the little reminders of the people that were here and filled my house with joy and laughter, I can make them into a parcel and send them back to their rightful owners.

One thing about sending stuff abroad is the fear ‘Will it get there?’ but with Parcelforce I can also track my parcel and see what stage of ‘shipment’ it is which is handy and gives me peace of mind. After all, what will my Princess Rapunzle say with no shoes? It would be unforgivable if she was to have a moment of mistaken identity and believe she was Cinderella!

Rapunzel disney shoes

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  1. March 21, 2013 / 12:43 PM

    hahahah oups! once again! Parcel please?????

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