The week that was 365/11

I won’t bore you stiff with wedding photos but choose just a couple that I managed to snap that day which I’m really pleased with. Jay Mountford was on top form and you must check out her sneak peek she posted this week.

Saturday – I got married just in case you didn’t know, a fabulous day which i shall cherish FOREVER

Rosie and Tracey - Mother and daughter

My SIL and my niece Rosie who was my chief bridesmaid and has overtaken her mum in the heights stake! Rosie writes a fabulous blog at My Head and Me My second photo for Saturday is of me and my eldest daughter Megan isn’t she gorgeous?

megan and me

Sunday – Mother’s Day, Paul and I awoke in our Emporer sized bed, tried out the ensuite jacuzzi with rainforest showers – it’s got to be done right? And head home where we had about 25 people for lunch! Luckily the family mucked in and produced a fab meal. We re-lived the previous day, laughed lots more and all went to bed very tired methinks.

mothers day 2013

Monday – I took my son Tommy with his partner Oana and their son Evan to Gatwick in a snow blizzard! and we calmed down a bit and tried to get a little bit back to normal

Tommy oana evan

Here are the girls chilling out in front of the Tv

watching TV

Tuesday – We woke to this! In March, whereas normally the snow brings gaiety and laughter I am fed up of it now, it seems to be dragging on far too long and it’s so cold.


We also took Gracey to Build a Bear at Bluewater and she made a colouful Easter bunny and played monsters with the box

Build a Bear

Wednesday – I took Megan and Gracey to Gatwick at 5am! I was in bed VERY early that night exhausted

Thursday – Can you believe it, I found nits in one of the twins hair again so determined to exterminate every last one I doused all three of us in Hedrin which is really oily and took 4 washes to get out and even then wasn’t satisfactory. I’m sick to death of treating them only to find they come home from school AGAIN. So I had a good old rant on the Facebook school parents page and I hope the message reaches ALL. I’m going to write a post on nits as there’s a dreadful stigma attached to them which kind of pushes the problem underground whereas really we want to eliminate the LOT and be done.

Hedrin ONCE nits

Friday – I’m excited. I had a Google hangout with the BritMums and I’ll be helping out with the BiBs awards this year which means no you can’t vote for me but I wouldn’t have won anyway – there are far better blogs out there but they won’t get awarded without a nomination. So please head over to check out the rules and categories and get your badge up with which category you’d like to be shortlisted for the rest is easy, March 18th it’s Kick off and best of luck to you all

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  1. caro_mad says

    Congratulations again, you’ve got such a gorgeous family. Beautiful girlies and your grandson is just scrumptious x

  2. coombemill says

    Lovely pictures – many congratulations you look so happy. Nits just seem to be rife at school at the moment and like you I’m fed up with treating my children.

  3. says

    Quite a week for you. Many congratulations on your wedding day. Love the wedding pictures – you look lovely. Think the snow picture is fun too, although I’m with you on wanting rid.

  4. says

    your daughter is indeed beautiful just like her mum! Mari you make such a gorgeous bride and i am so pleased for you that it was such an amazing day. i cant believe that there has been mores now last week – lets hope thats the end of it now. and i am dreading the nits hair washing when we have to deal with it one day – and i am sure it will hit us one day!! i remember my mum havinhg to wash all of us when i was a child :( xx

  5. Sonia Constant says

    I love these photos and we need MORE wedding photos :) Love them Mari, gorgeous dress – glad you had an amazing day. You deserve it. You look beautiful. x

  6. emily says

    Congrats!!!! I’d love to see wedding photos! Nits are no fun, there was a breakout last fall at daycare, fortunately, we didn’t have any come home with us, but I guess that is just what happens sometimes!

  7. says

    Oh Mari! You look absolutely beautiful and so very happy. Congratulations on your wedding and I’m off to look at the other photos now.

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Elaine Livingstone says

    ooohhhh a busy week, congrats on your wedding looks like everybody had fun. Your son looks very heavy eyed. Snow, proper decent snow.

  9. emsyjo says

    What a week! I love all your wedding pics, they are really lovely momentos of what looks like an amazing day.

  10. Emma wright says

    Congratulations. and all that snow, I’m sick of it too now. and don’t start me off on nits, your ranting woot help because the parents who need to do their kids hair can’t be arsed and that’s the problem. ahh, hate them! x

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